Apple’s iPhone X sparks debate

Students and Staff dispute the new phone’s worth


Jonathan Reilly, Staff Writer

Apple’s announcement of its new iPhone X has created differing opinions on whether or not the phone is worth buying. Apple states that the iPhone X will have a remodeled design and an enlarged display as well as new facial recognition technology, but all at a price of around $1,000.


Both staff and students have given their own feelings towards the phone. Senior Abi Theberge showed excitement for the iPhone X.


“I’m really excited for it,” said Theberge. “I think it’s new strides, putting out a new design and really stepping up their game.”


Other Triton Students have shared more negative opinions of the phone. Freshman Miguel Gigandet says he does not think the phone offers anything special.


“I think that… it’s nothing new really.” said Gigandet. “Sure it’s got that new feature where you can just… enter your phone with the camera, but I’ve always loved using the code (passcode) because it’s more trustworthy. You don’t know if the FBI is watching you on anything.”


According to Apple’s website, the iPhone X will have a 5.8 inch “super retina” display which is 0.6 inches larger and 0.3 inches larger than the  iPhone 7 and 7 Plus’ display respectively, as well as a feature called Face ID. Face ID allows an iPhone user to unlock their phone by just looking at the screen, while the phone scans that person’s face to ensure their identity as the owner of the phone.   


Assistant Principal Mr. Scott Brennan also shared negative feelings towards the new phone and its reported price tag.


“I think it’s dumb,” said Brennan. “I don’t like the cell phone. $1,000 dollars for a cell phone? I think it’s crazy.”


When questioned about whether the phone was a smart move on Apple’s part, the response was mostly negative.


“Absolutely not!” said Brennan. “They just want money. The whole thing is money, money, money, money!”


Gigandet also shared a negative opinion on Apple’s decision.


“No. I do feel like they’re… slightly starting to move towards Samsung’s side.” said Gigandet. “And it’s kind of a bad way to go.”


When asked if any of them would get the iPhone X, the response was also negative. Though Abi Theberge showed her excitement for the phone, she stated how she could not meet its price demands.


“I’d love to get it, but I just can’t afford it anytime soon.” said Theberge.


When asked if he would get the phone, Gigandet stated that he is perfectly happy with the current iPhone he is using


“No.” said Gigandet. “I have the iPhone 5s and I love it.”


Mr. Brennan stated that he prefers his current cell phone when asked if he would get the iPhone X.


“Not ever!” said Brennan. “I have a cell phone and I bought it for $29. I’m perfectly happy with it.”