New Snack Policy

Emily Wood, Editor and Writer

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Here, at Triton Regional High school, a new snack policy was put in place by the assistant principal, Kathryn Dawe, on Tuesday afternoon.

Dawe made the new policy so that students would no longer be able to leave class for third period, (snack period) to go get a snack at the cafeteria. Instead, she suggested that the time to get your snack is in the morning before the first bell rings.

The new snack policy has created confrontations between the staff and students. While most of the staff are in favor of the policy, the students find their new rules to be unfair and unnecessary,

Dawe initially put the policy in place because she was getting multiple teacher complaints about students leaving during class and arriving late to class because they needed to buy a snack.

“I was even covering a teacher’s class, and I was one of those teachers making that complaint because I was like “oh my heavens” where is everybody and they all were coming in late saying they were getting snacks.”

Dawe’s new policy has been effective so far. Not as many students are missing parts of their third period class for their snack purchases and fewer teachers have been complaining.

“It has made a difference, but now kids are going to class and asking if they can leave to go to their lockers to get something or go to a snack machine in the cafeteria that I didn’t even know about,” said Dawe. Although the policy has made an impact, it has also caused some new problems.

Senior William Parsons feels very strongly about the new snack policy. “I am very upset and it distracts me from school because I am so hungry so I’m not able to excel in my classes. We should be able to get snacks whenever we want to.”

Similarly to Parsons, senior Julia Rennie also agrees the policy should be changed. “My mother packs me a wholesome lunch every day but because of the new snack policy I can’t go get myself a snack, I have to take things out of my lunchbox from my wholesome lunch and now I’m not having a full lunch at lunchtime and you know what, it’s an outrage and I just want it to get changed,” Rennie said.

Will any changes be made due to the upset student body or will it remain the same for the sake of keeping students in class?