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Sippin’ at the Spots

The Best Cafe Recommendations
Four Aroma Rushes. Cost: 4 for $11 Special.
Aiden Quinn
Four Aroma Rushes. Cost: 4 for $11 Special.

Living in such a beautiful area with numerous towns filled with local cafe’s, it can be nearly impossible to decide where you want to spend your money.

Students across all grades at Triton High School, from all different towns, consistently show up to their first period classes with exotic drinks ranging from various places. Some students will even use their studies or lunch breaks to take a quick trip for a snack and a beverage. With all of the strange orders, you may be wondering where they are purchasing them.

“Downtown Newburyport is where I’m most indecisive about where to eat or to get a sweet treat from, especially since there are a wide variety of places to choose from”, claims senior Riley Hillemeyer.

There are countless places to enjoy a quick pick-me-up beverage, but what type of drink or price range someone is looking to spend can heavily influence their decision. Newburyport and other surrounding towns such as Salisbury are home to endless cafes ranging from quaint coffee shops to chain businesses. 

While opinions may differ, Starbucks is a reliable spot for many students especially as its located downtown Newburyport, MA.  Market Square can be busy at times, but without a drive through and mobile order feature, it can be a quick and easy stop. For a chain business, Starbucks offers a wide variety of drinks with teas, espressos, frappuccinos, etc. Shockingly, they allow customizations of any sorts, down to the number of flavor pumps or even the type of sweetener and milks. The size options range from talls, 12 oz, to treintas, 31 oz, which is a generous portion. 

Hillemeyer, who has been an avid fan of Starbucks since childhood, states, “I think customizable drink orders are great for people with allergies or specific preferences, but I do think that at Starbucks they’ve gotten a little out of control and people often take advantage of it.” 

While the coffee company has staple beverages that never leave the menu, there are also some that are seasonally released. Autumn offers a series of apple and pumpkin flavored decadence, which are often most popular. With the mobile app, you can avoid talking to the employees or even schedule a time to pick up an order. 

Hillemeyer shows her appreciation for the feature sharing, “I do like mobile order features because if I don’t feel like going in and talking to somebody or I’m dressed like a hobo ordering online offers me easy- essentially contactless- service where I can get my drink and be on my way.”

Don’t look past local businesses such as Plum Island Coffee Roasters. Located just a minute walk from the Starbucks is the quaint coffee shop, formerly known as Souffles. With pricing just as similar to chains, Plum Island Coffee Roasters remain a personal favorite. 

Their variety of chai’s are loved by students William Hight and his twin brother, Jonathan, who frequently order the iced vanilla chai. William notes that “It’s like drinking a dessert, but I can only order it so often.” The blends of coffee come in an array of roasts served both hot and cold. You can even purchase the java beans! 

At the register, the small business offers a series of unique themed beverages based on the season or a given holiday and sells local artwork in support of the company.

Aroma Joe’s is a Salisbury resident staple. With now two locations, students can quickly obtain drinks before school with the option of ordering inside or the drive through. Beyond having coffee based drinks like macchiatos, lattes, and more, Aroma Joe’s is known for their rushes. The rushes are essentially energy drinks with flavored syrups. They offer a series of rushes that are on the menu but also allow for customization where you could put any flavor you desire.

 Senior Aiden Quinn admits that he visits Aroma Joe’s “3-5 times a week” as it’s his “ favorite breakfast place to get a caffeine boost in the morning”. Time after time, Quinn gets the same rush order, stating, “I get a 32 oz blue devil rush which is blue raspberry and grape flavoring.” Many other Aroma Joe fanatics appreciate just how many syrup options there are to choose from.

While making a decision to get a delicious beverage may depend on cost or convenience, there are plenty of options. With a surplus of small business coffee shops like Ultimate Perk located in Groveland or Olive’s Coffee and Bakehouse in Newburyport, there are options for everyone.

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