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What They Think Now

Past Students Discuss Their Histories With Triton
Jared Ewell class of 1994 senior picture for yearbook.

What do the students of the past think about Triton now?

Past students, as well as present students, have one thing in common. They all agree Triton has slowly gone downhill and is soon to hit its breaking point. Whether it is the look of the school, school spirit, the students, or really anything, people agree the school has gone downhill in one way or another. Although the school physically hasn’t changed much, the environment throughout the school sure has.

“The high school pretty much hasn’t changed, except maybe the brown sludge that runs from the walls in the gymnasium,” says past student Jared Ewel from the class of 1994.

The triton voice decided to interview triton students from the past about triton and if it has changed or is the same since their time at Triton. Among all of the people interviewed, triton has changed in some ways but is going downhill fastly

and very noticeably in multiple different ways

Based on the information given to us from different generations of past and current students, Triton has been losing its school spirit and the true meaning of high school. Now it is students worrying about their grades and many students do not want to go to school.

Back in 1988 when Jared Ewell started at Triton Regional High School In 7th grade many things were different at that time. When, unlike now, the 7th and 8th grade were their floors. The 7th grade is on the bottom floor and the 8th grade on the top floor, and students are separated by colors blue and white. 

The only major structural differences from 1988 to 2024 are “The school was a little bit small because the addition had not been done at this time,” and “The stadium didn’t exist as it does now.” Stated Ewell. He mentioned the condition of the bleachers was old and felt like “they would blow away whenever it was windy.” 

A difference between the student body Jared sees in current Triton and Triton back in the day is school spirit. Having children who currently attend Triton, he can see with his own eyes how much Triton lacks school spirit. 

Looking back at his years in high school he mentions “Sports like hockey were very popular when I was in high school,” as well as “the environment with the teachers and students seems to be worse nowadays.”

Jared states that the high school hasn’t changed much from when he went to school and now, except for the fact there are very noticeable places in the school that seem to be “falling apart.”

Caitlyn Chaisson, a more recent graduate from the class of 2019 speaks about her view on Triton. She started her freshman year at Triton in the fall of 2015. She states that “the school is the same as it was when I went there.”

Chaisson mentioned the only big structural thing that occurred in her four years of high school was the stadium. She stated “The new stadium was under construction during my first years of high school” and that it was a big jump from the two metal sets of bleachers to the amazing stadium we have now. This improvement also was a game changer for not only athletes but spectators as well.

It is relatively known that when something, such as a school, gets new things the morality and school spirit spikes. Chaisson states “I think the best part about attending Triton was the school spirit represented,” which is something the Triton community can agree we have lost since then.

Recently, the Triton voice visited Pentucket High School and toured the brand-new school. We asked the Pentucket tour guides if the school spirit had gone up with the new school and the new opportunities that were given. Sophie Marcus, a junior at Pentucket responded, “Overall there’s just  more school spirit because people are excited to go to new events.”

Sarah Ewell, the daughter of Jared Ewell, states that her father often talks about his experience from Triton and how different the school environment is from when he went here. “Compared to Triton back in the day, my dad thinks the school has lost some of the many cool things it used to offer.” Sated Sarah.

Both Jared and his Daughter stated along the lines of that Triton used to offer many engaging, and helpful classes like a cooking class that was liked by many. There were also animals like monkeys, snakes, owls, and more. Having these types of things will boost the school spirit and even make kids want to learn again like they did back in the day.

Sarah, who is a current student at Triton says “I think back in the day Triton seemed to be a lot more fun than it is now. I think some of the fun things the school used to offer have been lost.” as well as “Now, school to me is just how high I can get my GPA and how well I can do in my class. it would be nice to bring some enjoyment back to school…”

Because the people who were interviewed all agreed that the school structurally has been very similar starting way back in 1998 to now. Hopefully that brings more attention to the school needed a little to pick me up. Looking at Pentucket, people agree that having a new school boosts students’ spirits and more.

From the information that we gathered through the people interviewed and students from the school even though the school might look the same, the student spirit at Triton will never be the same. Since Jared and Chaisson went to school at Triton, there was still school spirit and so many people loved the school but from Chaisson to Sarah, the spirit has gone down very much.  

Stated by students at Triton as well as Pentucket, not having a Spirit or general love for your school makes it hard to attend and want to be in school. People don’t show up to school, many don’t care about the Triton spirit, and a lot of students are stressed at school now instead of having the fun that Triton used to offer.

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