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The present state of Triton building

The renovation is upon us
The present state of Triton building

Around the halls of triton, you may find some crooks and crannies that aren’t so pleasant to look at. Triton is known to be very outdated, along with problems.

 We wanted to see what the triton student and facility thoughts on the present state of triton and some opinions about the problems that the building has had or is facing as of right now. We wanted an idea on what problems of the school students are noticing and are not a fan of.

Based on the survey we sent out around the school, we notice some similar responses about the appearance of the school  and issues that are around triton. Overall, the total of responses we got were 57 from students and facilities and according to one survey respondent, “How dirty and rundown the building is. No cares that they are leaving rotting food on the floor when then the ceiling is leaking right beside it.” was said to be the biggest issue with triton, alongside, ”Leaking roof and windows, awful restrooms, general decay and elderly facilities, crumbling driveway,parking lot, exterior entrances and staircases.”. With this survey we notice similar responses involving out bathrooms, around the schools it is known that triton bathrooms are one of the biggest controversies.

other questions we asked

  • What would you like to see in a new school? 


  • What are the best things about the Triton building?


  • If you could change one thing about Triton what would it be?


  • If money wasn’t an issue, what is one thing you’d love to see happen to Triton?



Triton students are non-stop complaining about the school, we wanted the answers to why. This survey was to get an answer to what they think is really wrong and what needs to be fixed. Triton is connected to everyone in the school and out of the school, these problems have an impact on everyone. Students want a new school, they want to go into bathrooms that don’t have food in the toilet and sinks that work properly.

An overall idea of the present state of Triton Regional High School is definitely not in tip top shape, there are many problems that are around our school and students are not fond about. Main issues were the bathrooms, the roof, and the slug on all the walls being in the gym and all classrooms. A main answer we also got from students and the facility is natural lighting, “The best thing although not good is the cafe, it has open windows and has light”, was the answer given for the best things about the Triton building. It was said that the cafe and library were the best due to them having bigger and multiple windows, letting in more natural lighting. So Triton does have some positives and not all of them bad, but I think we all can agree the present state of the Triton building very badly needs a major update.

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