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Everyone in the Triton Community has Something to Say About the Possibility of a Remodel

A short walk for a Triton student  through the gloomy halls of Triton and into the disrespected, graffiti covered bathrooms is enough to make them wonder, What could this school look like? What did this school look like? In my high school career, will I ever be truly proud of my school’s campus? 

Triton Regional High School was founded in 1971 and since then not many changes have been made, the school has just continued to be more and more outdated without any renovations. Triton has applied multiple times  for a remodel and continues to be denied for the funding.

“Not much has changed that is noticeable, other than there being no more “smoking lounge”. I have also noticed in my recent visits that the bathrooms could definitely use some love, that would probably be my first thought, safe and clean bathrooms, compared to other high schools that I have seen while watching sporting events, Triton is definitely lacking.” states Triton 1992 graduate, and now Triton parent Laura Fernald.

Not only is the Triton atmosphere affecting students during the academic hours of the day but also after school during the time that clubs and sports take place. After 2:13, parents, coaches, other teams and so many more people come into Triton. 

“The gym is practically falling apart, so when we have home games it’s just kind of embarrassing for the team, I also think that it would help school spirit and more people would come to sporting events.” said Triton student and athlete Reese Renda. 

“I’m only ever at Triton to support my granddaughters in things like sports and I have watched the promenade a couple of times, so the  parts of the school that I have recently seen along with a lot of people I would think are the gym, auditorium, lobby and bathrooms. I think the auditorium is still very nice compared to when I was at school here, but the gym is definitely worn down and needs remodeling along with the bathrooms for sure.” said Triton 1979 alumni Jim Hilton. 

What people who do not visit Triton often see as the school’s image is very important. Friends and family that are only at the school for performances or special events should think highly of the building and be interested in maybe sending their kids here or becoming more involved in the school. Triton could definitely do better with this, the bathrooms especially. 

Students at Triton do not take pride in the image of Triton. By renovating the school Triton would have more respect for the building and pride in hosting events. After our journalism class took a trip to Pentucket many agreed that by having a school like there’s that students would be more productive and motivated to come to school. Triton student Taryn Lebreck makes a point about how she thinks that students would be more respectful if we had a new building.

“I think that we would have way less vandalism and by having a nicer new building a lot of people would realize how easy it is to keep it clean and be respectful” says Lebreck. 

These issues are going to have long term effects on whether or not people would choose to send their students to Triton if they have the option not to.

“Personally, in the condition that the school is in right now I would not send my future kids to Triton, I think that there is quite a bit of work to be done to make Triton a school I would want my kids to play sports and attend classes at.” Says Triton 2023 alumni, Emma Campbell. 

Students and alumni of all ages agree on Triton needing a remodel. 

“I hope that by the time I graduate changes are made, I think Triton is nice but could be a lot better especially in the high school gym and bathrooms.” states Triton Middle School, either grader Alec Young. 

There are many common factors that lead to thoughts on what needs to be done to help Triton be the best building it can be for students. Though there is a lot to do to make this plan take action, in the upcoming years changes will hopefully be made.

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