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What is the Best Place to Ski the East?

Should you stay local, or head farther up north?

“Ski the East”, a is a phrase  skiers and snowboarders on the East Coast know by heart. Skiing in New England is a challenge, battling unpredictable weather, snow one day, rain the next, but this all brings us to a highly debated question. What is the best mountain for skiing in the East?

Size does matter when it comes to skiing and snowboarding here in New England. Many flock to the bigger mountains, such as Sunday River, Loon, Stowe, or Killington. Larger mountains offer a much greater terrain variability, and mountains farther up north  tend to receive larger amounts of real snow. The Triton Voice asked fellow skiers and snowboards of THS their favorite mountains to visit and why, in hopes to finally settle this highly debated topic. 

“Easily Stratton mountain up in Vermont, really diverse mountain, good selection of terrain parks, and some fantastic backcountry skiing,” said senior Ben Chadwick (Skier)

Of course Vermont has some fantastic mountains to ski and snowboard, receiving large amounts of snow to a comprehensive trail selection. “ I am a major fan of Loon and its terrain park, it is very well made and that mountain tends to get more snow than many parts of New Hampshire,” said senior Jackson Goodrow, a skier here at THS. 

Skiing and snowboarding at the larger resorts is always a good time. These mountains receive lots of snow, have a variety of groomed and ungroomed trails, and pull in large amounts of money every year to have a consistent hard working staff to run the mountain. 

But if these mountains were so perfect there wouldn’t be a debate. A major thing that comes into play when attempting to ride these larger mountains is money and distance. Loon is the closest and is still pushing 2 hours away. Meaning it is not easy for a quick day trip and you will spend a fortune on gas. Not only should you be worried about gas but just a day ticket is valued at around 150-200$ if you are lucky! Being a season pass holder such as those with an IKON or Epic pass is the only way to make these mountains affordable. 

Is there any alternative to skiing close and affordably? Yes there are many smaller mountains within an hour to hour and a half away.

 “My favorite mountain has to be Crotched; it is perfect for a day trip, cheap lift tickets, and a great terrain park,” said junior Kaiden Fowler, a snowboarder here at THS. 

Crotched is a smaller mountain located in Bennington, New Hampshire, a little over an hour away. Crotched is a favorite mountain by many who enjoy riding in the terrain park, but it does not offer many diverse and difficult trails and tends to lack snow. 

This leaves us with the question: what is the best place to ski the East? In all honesty there really is no right or wrong answer. If you enjoy skiing a larger mountain with more tails available for harder terrain then going farther up north is a better option. And if you are a beginner or strictly like to ride terrain parks for a quick day trip, closer mountains like Crotched and Gunstock are  very easy options. “To each is own,” meaning one has a right to their own personal preference. Both sides to the argument are excellent, it all comes down to what kind of a skier or snowboarder you are.

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