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Triton Students Finding Their Favorite Classes

Triton High School offers many classes for students here. Knowing Triton has all these options lets kids find a class they enjoy, leaving Vikings with favorite classes they are passionate about. 

Many classes have come up as favorites during interviews, especially business classes. Kyle Reginer, a senior at Triton was asked about his favorite classes here and gave no hesitation saying his favorite classes were his business classes, Reginer said “I enjoy them, yes, I think these classes are beneficial both as a person and as a student.” He mentioned how these classes helped build a strong understanding of what we students will be dealing with when we leave high school. We will have to learn how to buy a house and deal with credit cards.

Kyle also says these classes are great if you want to major in business if you’re looking to go to college, “It gives a lot of good information and I want to major in business or finance in college.”. 

Another class that came up in interviews was architectural drafting. Kids are saying it’s a fun class where they can learn and have fun doing things most classes dont offer. In an interview, with Triton Junior, Lucas Tinkham says, “I find it interesting, and the teacher makes it easy to learn in that class”. The teacher in this class is Matthew Guerin and students around Triton find him to be a really good teacher.

It’s important to switch up your curriculum, and classes like architectural drafting are great to add to your schedule, especially if you are looking to go into trades work. Tinkham said “If I were to go into trades yes, it would give me an upper hand.” “For kids that have an interest in this type of work, it would help them start off their knowledge in that field.”

One final class that most students look forward to is gym class. Kids are given a break from learning and get to go outside and play games that make school much more enjoyable.

Junior Kaiden Fowler says “The class I look forward to the most is gym class,” he says “I enjoy some of the stuff we do in the gym” and mentions how some of the games they play might not be the most fun but it’s way better than being inside all day. Kids need the time to take breaks from learning and let out a little energy, so the fact that kids find this class to be their favorite is not surprising. 

Triton has many options when it comes to classes, and it shows a lot that kids are able to find classes they can say they favorite.

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