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Meet Mancini

New Year, New PGS Teacher
Meet Mancini

What were you doing in 1992?

 If you asked Mrs. Kathleen Mancini, newly employed evaluation team chairperson for  the Triton School District, she would’ve told you she was doing what she’s always wanted to do.

“I started in a preschool in 1992,” said Mrs. Mancini. “After I was done teaching in a classroom,” she added,  “I moved on to administration.” This is her current position at the Triton Middle School and Pine Grove Elementary school in Rowley. 

Mrs. Mancini went to college and knew she enjoyed babysitting and working as an assistant at preschools. She has been teaching since 1992 ever since she found her love of working with kids. 

Before coming to Triton she worked far away from where she lived. The commute was an hour and a half both ways. Mrs.  Mancini needed a change and heard of the Byfield area. She was familiar with personnel from the Triton District and knew if it was a good fit, and thought everything would work out. 

She then decided to get interviewed and ended up getting the job as an evaluation team chairperson for Pine Grove elementary school and Triton Regional Middle School. An evaluation team chairperson works with students who need extra support within the school. Mrs. Mancini will modify students’ curriculum in order to meet their needs. 

Mrs. Mancini has been many kinds of teacher stretching from preschool through third grade. After she was done in the classroom she moved into the administrative career. Mrs. Mancini plans to continue what she loves doing after she retires as a volunteer in childcare programs and do anything to help kids. 

Having the experience working with three different schools, including Lynn Classical, Mrs. Mancini argued it to be not challenging for her having to work with both the middle  school, and Pine Grove. She supported her statement by giving a key tool she uses to be successful. 

“You just have to be super organized,” stated Mrs. Mancini. “If a parent calls me today, and I don’t have the file over here, what am I supposed to do?” 

When asked how teaching has impacted her personal life, Mrs. Mancini replied through a cloud of laughter 

“I love kids,” she said. “ I have two kids of my own…which I think is also helpful for my career.” Mrs. Mancini describes being a parent as a teaching moment for her. She navigates different kinds of situations and comes up with solutions for her students which can also help solve situations at home with her children. “It’s a lifestyle and a career choice that I’ve enjoyed.”

No matter your career path, honesty is a fundamental key, said Mancini.

“I think just being open and honest,” Mrs. Mancini replied with a firm expression when asked what her best qualities were as a teacher and how they impact her students, “making sure that they know that I’m there for a reason, and that is to help.” 

As we shifted more toward her personal life, she reintroduced her kids and ways she spends her free time. “ My kids play hockey.” she said. “That’s a big part of my life and has been for about sixteen years.” She also included how she enjoys what she calls “the normal stuff:” shopping, eating out and going to the beach. 

When it comes to her future after teaching Mrs. Mancini doesn’t have a set answer, it’s not something she is too worried about for the time being. 

“I don’t even know what I’m gonna do.” she said “sit on the beach.” She added that she still planned on working with kids.

 “Probably volunteering in childcare centers just for fun.” 

Where she is unsure of what the future holds Mrs. Mancini plans to continue the things that she enjoys. Clarifying that it wouldn’t be any time soon, 

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