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From Social Worker to Spanish Teacher

New Hire in World Languages Inspires
Jessica Bertucci, the new triton high school spanish teacher sitting in her C period spanish class
Weston Murphy
Jessica Bertucci, the new triton high school spanish teacher sitting in her C period spanish class

New to the school, Ms. Jessica Bertucci is taking to teaching in the World Languages department as a Spanish teacher, but what made her mind up to come to Triton? The Cribbage Club. 

In an exclusive interview with the Triton Voice, Ms. Bertucci, one of the new teachers at the school, shared her inspiring journey from being an ex-social worker to a passionate educator. Ms. Bertucci’s enthusiasm for teaching and her unique background shone through as she discussed her experiences and the impact of her diverse perspective on her teaching approach. This interview shed light on her remarkable transformation and her dedication to imparting the Spanish language and culture to students, whether they are newcomers to the language or ready-to-learn Spanish enthusiasts. 

Bertucci is a first-year teacher here at Triton High School, and she is being welcomed warmly by staff and students alike. Being born in Massachusetts, Bertucci noted that growing up in a state with so many educational opportunities influenced her decision to begin her teaching career. 

“I had a really awesome interview with (Assistant Principal) Mr. (Joe) Celia and (World Language Head) Ms. (Regina) Symonds,” she saidwhen asked about what made her choose Triton. The cribbage club was the real kicker for her though, as she noted her love for cribbage as one of the reasons for her choosing Triton over other schools. “No way, y’all have cribbage!” she remembered thinking at the time.

“Triton’s gotta be where I go to work,” Bertucci said after citing everything that she loved about our school. 

Like other teachers, Bertucci has faced struggles and roadblocks along her route to get to where she is. Something not unique to her, but for every teacher in our school, was that COVID-19 has taken the biggest toll on Bertucci’s career as of yet. 

Bertucci noted that one of her biggest challenges in the classroom has been trying to get students excited for class. This is a major problem in many classrooms, as many students, regardless of grade, often do not pay attention enough to enjoy what they are learning. Despite the constant challenges of getting people to focus on her, Bertucci loves teaching here at Triton.

Her favorite part about teaching? Reactions from students. Often, students approach Bertucci with something Spanish-related they learned or saw outside of the classroom. 

“It’s so exciting!” said Bertucci when asked why she loves it when her students apply Spanish to everyday life.

Bertucci says obstacles such as COVID have helped her grow tremendously, as it has given her a lesson about how to work around roadblocks and difficulties along the way. Ms. Bertucci continues to stay strong as a teacher even with the everlasting impacts of COVID.

When an issue strikes the classroom, Bertucci has a different approach than many teachers you might see. Instead of dealing with immediate punishment, she likes to get to the bottom of it, looking constantly for a solution until one is found. “I have more of a compassionate thought of, ‘Okay what is going on with my students.’” This is something many teachers do not exhibit, however, students are very appreciative of Bertucci genuinely caring to find a solution.

Interesting, fair, and knowledgeable are all things that Bertucci looks to be viewed as by her students. As a personal student of hers, this reporter can say that these things are accurate. Bertucci, with a Master’s Degree in Education, is definitely no short of being educated. 

There are many new faces at Triton High School this year, across all departments. Getting to know these teachers is important, as you can learn from them. Ms. Jessica Bertucci was no exception to this, providing an interesting, and rather admirable view into the life of a high school Spanish teacher.

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