Taylor Swift Concert

A review of the Taylor Swift Concert

Photo of Taylor (Photo Erin Dempsey)

Photo of Taylor (Photo Erin Dempsey)

With one ticket selling for $14,198 at Foxborough, Taylor Swifts’ Eras Tour is in hot demand.


For some people, getting tickets to this concert at Gillette was a lot of work.  Some were not even able to get tickets.  


“I think part of the reason so many people want to go (to the concert) is because it is a trend,” said a ninth grader from Triton High School Taylor Richard.


In early November, Taylor Swift announced a tour that would go all around the United States and would consist of music from each of her albums.


On the day of presale tickets going on sale, November 15, everyone who wanted to be in the waiting queue was able to get in.  This became a problem because there were 14 million hits on the site, this included bots – automated programs designed to buy tickets – even though  the code was only supposed to be given out to a select number of fans.


I was in a queue of 2,000 people online with Ticketmaster.  After two hours, when it got to my turn, they were sold out,“ said Triton English teacher Ms. Erin Dempsey.


The expected number, from the fans who were sent the code, was 1.5 million people.


“My parents waited on Ticketmaster’s site from 9a.m to the end of the day,” said freshman Cassidy Beebe.


For the people who were lucky enough to get tickets, the countdown began from there.


On the day of the concert, it was very rainy and was supposed to rain until 1a.m.  However, even with the rain, the traffic to Gillette was nearly insurmountable  due to all of the dedicated ‘Swifties’ awaiting Taylor.


Taylor started her section of the show at exactly eight p.m. From this point she would go through each album individually.  


She started with Lover, then Fearless, Evermore, Reputation, Speak Now, Red, Folklore, 1989, lastly Midnights.  Each era in her show has a different number of songs but overall the concert lasted 5 hours including the opening acts which for my night were GAYLE and Phoebe Bridgers.  


The fans that were in the stadium were screaming the whole night and were all very excited to see Taylor.  Even outside of the stadium, fans that were not able to get tickets were standing in the rain screaming the lyrics and dancing to the songs.