The New Newbury Police Station

Triton Voice gets tour of new Police station

The New Newbury Police Station

The Newbury Police Department has been given a brand new station supported by the town hall which is a big upgrade from the previous station.

According to the Daily News of Newburyport, in 2019, town officials agreed to use $6.5 million approved two years ago to tackle just the Police Department’s needs first. Estimates include $4,185,000 for construction; $620,000, architectural fees; $233,000, owner’s project manager and clerk of the works; $250,000, computer and networks; $155,000, furnishings and equipment; $610,490 or 10 percent of the overall cost for contingencies; plus other expenses within the draft budget.

Officer John Lucy, Triton’s school resource officer, talked about a new feature that he can do at the station.

“Every door in this building has to be used with a keycard or a code to get into high security rooms and some that I can’t even go into.” said Officer Lucy

Officer Lucy also talked about a new way of doing interrogations.

“During an interrogation, we can hit a button on the wall which activates audio and video of the interrogation.” said Officer Lucy

Officer Lucy showed his way of communicating with his team.

“Our dispatch system shows which cars are where, which calls are pending, and see what cops are on duty.” said Officer Lucy

The Triton Voice got to see the breakdown of an arrest in the police station. They would bring them into the garage and get them situated then put them in the cell and bring them to an interrogation room. There are cameras in every room and they have files and evidence in the upstairs of the station.


The Triton Voice was given a tour of the new police station by Officer Lucy who also works as the police officer at Triton. The tour included all the vehicles 

they use and how different cars can be used depending on the crime. There were also two cells and interrogation rooms held at the station to hold people who committed a crime. In one of the rooms of the police station there are a bunch of screens showing different parts of the town and also the security cameras at the high school. The new police station was very much needed and the town should feel more safe with all the new upgrades the station has to offer.