Senior Internship Opportunity

During quarter four, seniors have been encouraged to apply for an outside of school internship to gain early experience in preferred careers.

This past January, internship applications for seniors opened for all interested. 

A total of 31 students were accepted to participate in this opportunity. Run by Triton’s Career Counselor, Karyn Cassidy, the internship was offered to seniors for quarter four. All sorts of jobs offer internships and it is a good way to gain experience before going to college or starting a career. 

“I would say one thing that is important for students to know is that these internship opportunities aren’t to offer you a chance to work at Market Basket or Dunkins or TJMaxx, we’re looking for opportunities that would go along with your future profession,” Cassidy said in a recent interview with the Triton Voice

The model of the internship program is based on an early release for seniors during quarter four. The program officially starts on April 3rd and runs through May 26th, not including April vacation. This included a general Monday through Friday schedule with a 25 hours per week minimum. The minimum hours per day is 5. Family businesses may have different hours for which the minimum could be assessed. 

It is essentially up to seniors to choose which internship opportunity would benefit them most. If there is an interest in going into trades after graduation, an internship with hands-on experience could be arranged. If there is interest in applying to a four year college after graduation, a more professional internship could be possible. Cassidy also addresses the possibility, for low income students and possibly others, that there are paid internship opportunities to be looked into. 

The process leading up to enrolling in an internship requires students to fill out an application. It consists of a few open response questions and an essay. Students are also encouraged to do research beforehand. Once accepted students have an idea of what or where their internship may be, Cassidy meets with them to start looking further into sites. It is important that these students lead this whole process themselves. This includes calling and emailing potential sites to see if they have any open opportunities. 

Many different internships have been taken on by students at Triton this year. Students that are looking into careers as educators chose to work in Triton schools. Others have chosen to intern at a dentist office, Ipswich YMCA, and Blue Ocean Hall in Salisbury. Certain students looking to go into the trades have taken on internships at a hair salon, PV Engineering in Salisbury, and Vaughn Thermal. 

Emma Campbell, a senior at Triton, has taken on an internship at Pine Grove Elementary School in a third grade classroom. Her daily tasks include helping students with work in small groups, grading tests, and working on small projects for the teacher. 

“My internship is very helpful because I’m already getting some background before college,” said Campbell. “You really get to see how the teacher teaches and what you like about the teaching style.” 

As a part of her experience, Campbell says that there are also mandatory tasks that come with the internship. Every day, students have to log their attendance for creditary reasons. Every week there is a designated time made for students to join a google meet with Cassidy and other students participating in internships as well. Students are also required to submit a journal to Cassidy every week. The journal consists of smaller interactive questions pertaining to their involvement in their internship. Closer to the end of quarter four, students are asked to complete a capstone project. This project is a semi-research project that is based on a students experience with their internship with a topic of choice. 

“As much as I’m helping them learn, I’m also getting to learn as well and it’s very beneficial,” said Campbell. 

This past year when internships were advertised, students taking AP classes were highlighted. Those taking AP classes need to stay in school for quarter four considering their upcoming AP exams. Those students taking higher level classes are still encouraged to apply looking at the possibility of acquiring an after school internship. Certain internships could also go into the weekend as well. 

Cassidy encourages all interested students to reference the college and career google classroom. The current internship contract is posted for students to look over.