House of Horrors

Growing Up with A Sibling

No one can push your buttons as your siblings can. They’re the only ones that can get you to the next level of mad you didn’t even know you could get to. Although the fights might be intense, where you completely violate each other, or maybe a physical fight, they’re also the easiest to recover from. One minute you’re both mad at each other and the next you’re hanging out as if nothing happened. 

“I didn’t talk to them for a week and a half,” said student Jason Ly, when recalling an argument with his sister. “We made eye contact then started laughing and became best friends again.” 

This shows how most sibling fights end up in resolution. 

First-time parents might start worrying over their kids fighting constantly. They ask for help from their parent-friends or seek help from the internet. There are many websites for this issue like Moms.Com,, etc. The website lists some reasons as to why siblings might fight so much. The two most common ones are ‘Changing needs’ and ‘Individual temperaments’. The first, chaning needs,discusses how toddlers are learning to assert their authority, hence why they’re usually so protective of their toys and belongings. Kids in elementary/middle school have a harder time understanding why their sibling(s) of a different age get different treatment or special treatment. Teens are developing a feeling of individuality and independence. 

“(These siblings)might resent helping with household chores, taking care of younger siblings, or even having to spend time together.” stated the website. The second reason was individual temperaments. It basically states how because each child has different personalities and ways they react to things, they often clash. There will often be disagreements and getting on the other’s nerves even if it’s unknowingly. 

Laura Weis, the Triton ESL teacher, shared her experience with her kids fighting when they were younger and even now. 

“Somebody would borrow something and not return it back,” said Weis. She also told us that when they were younger and would fight she would try to intervene but as they got older she would let them work it out. Even as they got older they would still fight. 

“Still over clothing and they share a bathroom so they fight over the bathroom and create a mess.”

A majority of the time siblings fight for petty reasons. Maybe one  took an article of their clothes without permission, ate the last snack, asked too many questions, etc. Sometimes these fights escalate into physical fights which when a person is  younger probably ended up with someone in tears. Some students shared their sibling fight stories. 

Emily Quijada who has three siblings told us some of her dumbest sibling fights. 

“We’ve fought over Takis and calling each other names,” said Quijada. 

“Her saying she doesn’t snore when I literally have a video of her snoring,” said Jessica Rocha, describing a time when her and her sister argued whether over her sister snored or not.


An only child, John Dwyre shared his experience when his friends and their sibling fights in front of him. 

“It didn’t affect me so I didn’t care at all but it’s awkward when you’re at a friend’s house and you’re just sitting there,” said Dwyre. Dwyre also mentioned how he believes it’s normal to have little arguments with your family. 

At the end of the day, a majority of the time everything is back to normal and it was just another fight. Siblings, no matter the age or situation, can figure out a way to test your buttons but you can never stay mad for long.