The Shocking Truth Behind “MY AI”

Snapchat adds new AI for every user on the platform, students at Triton are creeped out.

Conversations between MY AI and a Triton student


Conversations between MY AI and a Triton student

“My AI is here to chat with you, answer your questions, and provide recommendations on a variety of topics. I’m here to help you have fun and make the most of your time on Snapchat,” says My AI on snapchat. But, is “fun” all this mysterious robot has to offer?

On February 27th, snapchat released a new feature called “My AI,” only available for those with Snapchat Premium. In April, this feature became available to everyone with snapchat. 

With the rise of artificial intelligence on social media platforms recently, many conspiracy theories are also being spread and are becoming more popular. Many users on TikTok have reported strange things that their Snapchat AI has said to them. Numerous people have made videos claiming that their AI has said some contradictory things. People at Triton High School have also discussed their experiences with the new feature.

“It’ll say specifically that it doesn’t do something, and then you’ll ask it a certain way and it will end up doing that same thing,” says Nick Doucot, a senior at Triton. “It can see your camera, but if you ask, it’ll deny being able to see it, but after a while it’ll admit to being able to see it.”

Other people have reported strange encounters with the AI concerning it being able to see their location, and have the screenshots to prove it. 

“One time it told me my exact location, and I asked it how it knew, and it told me that it didn’t know my location and it must have been thinking of someone else,” said Conner Houlihan, a senior at Triton. 

Reach teacher here at Triton, Mr. Joshua Noble, had a hand on experiment with the AI after having no clue about it. His reaction was like most of the students here at Triton. “This is weird, dude” said Noble after sending a word to the AI. He then kept on interacting with this AI, with the same reaction throughout. He claims the advance in this technology is scary for everyone. “It’s wicked creepy, like on a scale of 1-10, it’s an 11,” says Riley Nash, a senior at Triton. “I haven’t used it much, but it’s just overall creepy, I feel like it watches everything I’m doing,” said student Sadie Crowell.

This AI has the ability to tell you literally anything you want. Need to know a math problem answer? Ask your AI. Need a 5 page paper written about a certain topic? Ask your AI. “It can do almost anything you tell it to,” says Nash.