Students Going Crazy for Second Breakfast

Identifying the Popularity Trend of Second Chance Breakfast at Triton


Students line the Triton hallways for second chance breakfast.

By Aiden Szymanski

Staff Writer


Students have been taking advantage of second breakfast at Triton High School. Between first and second period, large assembly lines of hungry students form as they await their free breakfast sandwich, hashbrown, or other delectables such as donuts and cinnamon rolls.


Although similar opportunities are presented at the main entrance before first period, many miss their chance due to late arrivals. Second breakfast provides students with an important, balanced meal on the go, in the midst of their hectic schedules.

“Great opportunity for the kids who wake up late to get breakfast,” said junior Jack Lindholm. “Also for people who get hungry quickly like myself it’s nice to eat again before lunch and the sandwiches they provide are great.”


So, why is second chance breakfast such a big hit here at Triton?

“For the kids who come in later, they don’t have time to get first breakfast so second chance is a time for them to eat their breakfast,” said a cafeteria worker.


Complaints were few and far between, but there were a few ways in which two teachers from the math department felt students could improve when eating their breakfast in class.

“…the only time that it really effects [my teaching] is when they are already late to class and then they want to go and get a second chance breakfast,” said Heather Walter.

“It only ever effects things in here when students leave the trash behind, or throw the home fries at each other,” said Matthew Haley.


Junior Cam Neary also had a particular complaint, telling one Triton Voice reporter of a strange finding in his cuisine one morning.

“I was [a fan of second breakfast] until I found an egg shell in one of my sandwiches,” said Neary.


Luckily for hungry clientele, second chance breakfast will not be going anywhere.

“I really like second breakfast because it provides me with some energy to get through ‘till lunch,” said junior J.P. Trojan.