What is this crazy new hairstyle, and why are we wearing it? 

Can YOU guess who these students are based on their flow?

KNOW THE FLOW? Can YOU guess who these students are based on their flow?

If you were to take a look at our students, here at our Tritons halls, you would notice a peculiar, noticeable hairstyle. A hairstyle that many teenagers at Triton, including myself, wear. It’s called “the flow“

Now what exactly is the flow? Well this recurring trend has been going on for a while, some believe since the 1960’s. While many speculate that people started to grow it out in the back to keep their hair warm, many hockey players think that it just looks good coming out from the back.  Sports fans, and players wear this same style: more specifically hockey, and lacrosse players. The style involves having to grow out your hair to a certain length in the back, and fluff it up till it curls upward.  It can also involve having your hair flow down in front of your face then, just like the back, curl it upwards. 

Senior Tyler Egan has a lot to say about this style, “ I love the new trend, I love growing my hair and flowing it back. Because you know it’s just the hockey hair, the letty ( a way to describe your hair flowing outwards) My mom doesn’t like it, but my bird does”

Across all the grade levels more and more kids continue to try out this new style and stay with it. Senior Quinn fiddler remarks on the hairstyle, I used to have it, I wish I still had it. I wish I could look like Tyler but unfortunately I can’t”

A recurring trend seems to be happening with this hairstyle, parents don’t like it. Fidler used to have luscious hair, but his mom had a different plan in mind. “ I used to have good hair, but now my mom makes me cut it all off

Although this wildly popular hairstyle is taking the school by storm, some kids disagree. Senior Ricky Gardella felt this hairstyle was outdated “ I disagree with it, I think everybody should go with a buzzcut. It gets in your face and stuff and you can get lice very easily, I don’t think the birds are going to like it.“ 

Although Gardella had a lot to say against the haircut, he himself  styles it similar to this trend. When asked why he didn’t get a buzz cut right now he stated “ I’m gonna get one soon, probably this summer” But as for the moment he’s still rocking that style. 

Why do students like the longer hair, does it make them feel more secure? Or is it because of the culture that we have created? With more and more students adopting styles of the  “flow“ when are we going to see this trend end?