Obsessed With Diet Coke!

Where can you buy the best diet Coke?

Maggie Reilly and Anna Webb with a can of diet Coke (Photo Anna Webb)

Maggie Reilly and Anna Webb with a can of diet Coke (Photo Anna Webb)

Pulling up to the drive thru window, being handed a large cold plastic cup, ripping the paper wrapper off the straw, going in for your first sip: There’s nothing better.


Many high school students and teachers love diet Coke, some would even say they are obsessed.  But where can you get the best tasting, best carbonated ,and best priced diet Coke? 


“At this point, I think I’m just addicted. I try to drink more water and seltzer but neither of them really does for me what Diet Coke does.” Said Mrs. Sarah Muller


The Company

Diet Coke was first released in the summer of 1980 and has had people obsessed ever since. Many high school students and teachers love soda, especially diet Coke.  There is something about the perfect carbonation and the jam packed flavor in every sip, that has people coming back for more. 


Although diet coke is refreshing and delicious where ever you go, some places are just superior. This article is a review on where to get the best diet Coke.  Some say that it all taste the same but journalism reporters, Anna Webb and Maggie Reilly, found out the real truth.


The Review


The first diet Coke we got was from Chipotle.  The first impression of the sip was okay and had good carbonation but after we took a couple more sips, it started to have less of an exciting flavor. When we compared this drink to the Mcdonald’s diet Coke, it tasted like club soda or seltzer. We got a small size and the drink cost $1.80.  Overall we give it a 6/10.


The next Coke we got was from Mcdonalds, we got a size large.  The large drink cost $1.05.  The first sip was great and the rest of the drink did not disappoint.  The carbonation was very good and the taste was also perfect. Many people agree that Mcdonald’s diet Coke is special compared to other brands and the reason for this is, instead of the diet Coke being stored in a plastic, Mcdonald’s stores it in stainless steel containers.  This keeps the Coke fresh.  We rate this diet Coke a 10/10.


The next diet Coke we tried was a canned diet from the grocery store.  Each can was about $.60.  PSA, when we tried this certain diet Coke, it was not cold which would change the way it tasted overall.  The carbonation was very good, and had a lot of carbonation throughout the whole can.  The taste was a little too sweet.  Overall we get this diet Coke an 8.5/10.


The last diet Coke we reviewed was from Chick-Fil-A. This drink cost $2.40.  The taste was very watered down but the ice they have in the cup makes up for it.   We liked the cup because it keeps the drink cold.  We rate this a 7/10.


“Diet Coke is definitely my favorite soda by far.” said Sophomore Nick Bonasera