What Did Triton Do Over February Break?

Students Share Their Ideas of What They Wanted to do.

For the last month, students of Triton had been desperately waiting for the long awaited February Vacation. Some people wanted to go skiing or snowboarding, some wanted to make money, and some just wanted to have a nice relaxing stay at home. But what did students of triton doing on their breaks?

Triton senior Matty Maribito just recently bought an Acura RSX Type S to replace his Honda Civic, “ I wasn’t sure if I was ready to get rid of the Civic, I put a lot of work into it but i’m ready for something new,”

Maribito’s new purchase will be the subject of plenty of love this break as it’s an older model and needs a bit of work.

“The brakes are pretty bad, I’m hoping to get my money up so that I can replace them sooner than later.”

Maribito spends most weeks in his garage, previously working on his Civic, but with this new project in front of him, it’s going to take all his focus for the upcoming months.

“I hope the car lasts; it’s pretty old, and I’m still getting used to the fact it’s a manual, but once everything is ironed out, I’m going to be driving the little old lady everywhere,”

Aaron Holscher had the same idea for his vacation, “Aw man, I’m so broke.”

Holscher is a senior here at Triton and he was ready to go home, “I’ve had so much schoolwork, I can’t wait to just relax.”

With the school year more than halfway over, lots of students are falling behind. Break was a good way for students like Holscher to have a day to themselves, instead of focusing on homework and notes.

Nick Doucot on the other hand, didn’t slow down. Nick used his break to catch up on school work.

“I’m starting to lose motivation for some of my classes, which has caused me to fall a bit behind… I want to catch up over break so I don’t have to rush myself to get stuff done at the end of the quarter.”

Nick claims he is starting to suffer from senioritis now that we are rounding the school year.

“As long as I can keep my senioritis from acting up, I’m sure i’ll be able to make it to April break,”

So it seems most of Triton have decided to stay home this February. Whether they were sleeping, catching up, or working hard, most everyone enjoyed the time off. Students returning to the classroom should be ready to work hard until they can relax once again in April.