Melt My Eyez See Your Future: A Review

When it comes to listening to music, everyone has different tastes, for rap connoisseurs Denzel Curry is a standout figure in the genre.

Curry has always been known for his aggressive voice and lyricism, his 2015 single Ultimate set his reputation as a strong effective rapper. In 2018, Curry released TA13OO where tracks like “CLOUT COBAIN | CLOUT CO13A1N” and “BLACK BALLOONS | 13LACK 13ALOONZ took off, making TA13OO his best album released. Years later in 2022, Curry releases Melt My Eyez See Your Future, which shot to second in he best albums overall.

Melt My Eyez See Your Future is presented as if through the eyes of Curry himself. 

The track Walkin tells the listener about things Curry may have experienced in his life to get him to the point he’s at. One of the later verses in the song the beat stops then reappears with a heavy drop as the line “I walked from the b******, I walked from the friendships, I walked from the digits/‘Cause lately… i’m feelin’ indifferent/I wish y’all the best and believe that I meant it.”

 It’s almost as if Curry is storytelling about how he “walked” away from the things unneeded in his life. Maybe not because he wanted to, but because he had to, to move forward. 

Other tracks such as Worst Comes To Worst and The Ills, Curry almost takes more of a religious approach. While it’s not a “preach God” perspective, some of the verses and rhymes correlate with a “I hope God has my back” approach. The first true line on Worst Comes To Worst, “I look for God on the daily/Prayin’ that the Reaper don’t take me in a land controlled by Hades.” Curry later goes on to talk about how if “Worst comes to worst” he’ll do what he has to to survive, even if it could result in a negative afterlife.

 In The Ills, Curry says “Lord invited me to stay idly on his left side/So I can right my wrongs in these songs and live and let die.” followed by “Demons on my mind, they know where to hide, really/Then nine minutes later, I’m met with the nine milli’/So nine times out of ten, I’m probably going to Hell/Cause I’m the devil, which means I sold my soul to myself.” 

Many times through the album Curry talks about how he’s haunted by his personal demons and looks to God for forgiveness. Comparing himself to the devil may be the way he truly sees himself at times and could have been a purpose to the perspective he wanted to give listeners. 

He mentions in earlier songs how cold the world is and how he hopes his soul isn’t lost because of his part. However by the end of the song it’s almost like he feels he’s become the very thing he wanted to avoid.

When it comes to the actual rapping and songwriting itself, the album did not disappoint. Curry’s flow always rolls smoothly regardless of the song. Whether it was more of a mellow song or a beat heavy fast aggressive song, the cadence was always there. On the track X-Wing Curry adds more singsongy vocals to a more mellow beat, but he makes it sound perfect.

Curry brought many other artists on this album. The track “Ain’t No Way” features 6LACK, Rico Nasty, JID, Jasiah, and Kitty Ca$h all on a single song together. T-Pain also got a feature on the track “Troubles”. However in what is easily the hardest song on the album, “Sanjuro”, Curry brings on artist 454 who delivers a short, but effective chorus twice throughout the song, making it all that more of a hard hitting track.

Overall Melt My Eyez See Your Future allows the listener for a deeper look into Denzel’s life and come up to the rap game. For some listeners it may even allow them to connect with experiences talked about in the album. “Best rap album to ever touch the year 2022 this album makes me feel less alone. This is Denzel’s best project to date, lyrics and production [are] incredible, never heard anything like it.” Said google user LONELY BOY.