Late Arrival for Seniors

Students across the district need more sleep, and one way to do that for seniors would be to come in late during first period study. By giving the seniors permission to do this, they will be better prepared academically, and mentally for the day. Better rested, and less of a distraction for other students. There are only good things that can come out of this privilege, not bad things. Massachusetts state law states “homeroom, at recess, in non-directed study periods, receiving school services, and participating in optional school programs shall not count toward meeting the minimum structured learning time requirement for that student.” The law required that students have to be in school for a minimum of 990 hours , however the law does not say that you have to be in school for a non-directed study. 

In my opinion our studies are not directed, most times students come and go where they please. It’s rare that you find a teacher that goes by the handbook. Most of the time they just have a handout sheet that asks you to write your name on it if you’re present. 

When I asked our principal about students leaving for studies he said that students are not allowed to leave the campus and come back. But if seniors are coming in late during the first period, they never left the campus in the first place, they just come later. 

However the law states that we do have to be in school for at a minimum 990 hours. And while I feel like our studies are not directed, they are technically “directed”. Which means that we are “required to attend them” But if our studies are directed then why do teachers not give care where we go or who we go with. I believe that seniors should be allowed to come in late first period study as long as they sign a waiver stating that they are legally allowed to.