Gilmore Girls season 1 review

Imagine what life would be like raising a daughter at the age of 16.  On a widely-watched and popular show that Triton seems to love, Lorelai had her daughter Rory at the age of 16 with no help from her parents, father of the child or even friends.   

Gilmore girls is for the most part a family-friendly show.  I wouldn’t recommend watching it with very young kids because it does have its moments.  And it has a lot of situations that are very heavy.  But it can also be very relatable for a lot of people.

There are 7 seasons in Gilmore Girls.  The first episode starts off with introducing Lorelai Gilmore, her sixteen-year-old daughter Rory (also named Lorelai) Gilmore and their very little town, Stars Hollow.  Stars Hollow is a.  Lorelai moved here with Rory when she moved out of her parents house at 16 while Rory was still a baby.  The main plot of the first season is Rory getting accepted to Chilton, a very prestigious prep high school.  Lorelai doesn’t have enough money to pay for Chilton and has to ask her parents, Emily and Richard Gilmore, to lend her the money until she can repay them.  Emily and Richard met while they were in college.  Richard was engaged to Pennilyn Lott and called off the engagement to marry Emily.  They’ve only had one child, Lorelai.  They lend her the money but only on one condition, that Lorelai and Rory go to their home in Hartford every Friday for dinner until they’re repaid.

Lorelai has come a long way since where she was when she was 16 years old.  She lived in Hartford Connecticut at her parents house when she was pregnant.  She didn’t want to get married to Christopher, Rory’s dad, at 16 and her parents were very unaccepting.  She had no idea what her plan was or who she was going to be.  When Lorelai moved with Rory it was just them two for a long time.  This experience made them a lot closer and have a strong bond like sisters or best friends.  She met a lot of people from Stars Hollow that have stuck by her side.  For example, Luke Danes, a local diner owner, has been a very good friend of Lorelai’s since she’s moved there.  Sookie St. James works with Lorelai at the Independence Inn.  They have a very strong bond that lasts throughout the show.  The Independence Inn was the first place that Lorelai worked at when she moved to Stars Hollow.  Rory and Lorelai also stayed at the Independence Inn for a while when they had nowhere else to go.  This was a safe place for Lorelai and Rory.  

Rory is a very comedic person just like her mother.  She is also smart and takes school seriously.  She always puts school first and is very passionate about it.  Rory is a relatable character because she cares a lot about school and puts her future first.  She has always looked out for her family and cares for them very deeply.  If someone in her family needed something she wouldn’t even think twice about doing whatever they needed.  This is a very relatable trait that she has to a lot of young teens.   

Luke Danes, the local diner owner has lived there his whole life and his diner was his dad’s old hardware store that he turned into a diner when he passed away.  

Even when topics aren’t relatable it’s still very entertaining following along with their lives and seeing how they navigate through problems.  There are a lot of problems that Lorelai and Rory deal with that many families deal with in their same position. 

Gilmore Girls is a well-drawn story of a mother and daughter trying to get through their lives the best they can in their situation.  It’s a very comforting show and a great show to watch no matter what mood you’re in.