The Elf should stay

keeping up with the tradition of elf on the shelf

 The elf on the shelf is something most of us got to experience during the month of December. When thinking about one of my favorite Christmas memories, waking up every morning before Christmas rushing around the house to see what crazy thing my elf was up to when I was sleeping.   The elf on the shelf has been around for years now and is something most parents use as a moral  to improve their children’s behavior. The month of December is already stressful enough due to the holidays and having Santa’s helper around the house is not the worst idea. Parents inform their children that the elf is watching over them and reporting back to Santa whether they were nice or naughty that day. 

  The elf gives kids the idea that Santa is getting a report on how they are acting that day and makes the children want to get a good report to  impress santa. The fun holiday tradition of the Elf on the shelf has been around for years and has been so enjoyable for many kids during the holidays. In the article “ why holiday traditions might be more important than you think….traditions become an essential aspect of how we celebrate, and there is a reason why we keep them as a part of our lives for so long.  you can start branching out to make new traditions throughout the year “ even if you have never had a tradition like the elf on the shelf it’s never too late to start a tradition. Traditions are  a good way to  bound and bring people together in all different ways, traditions increase the time spent between people and this is why a lot of people value the traditions they have, an elf on the shelf brings a family together because the kids wake up and wake the entire house up for the search of the elf, traditions have been proven to bring families closer together and bring everyone a little more happiness. 

 The elf on the shelf is a very good holiday tradition that many children and families enjoy together. The elf has been a great addition to the month of December to add on some extra Christmas spirit. 

   Some parents say that the elf on the shelf is an imagination that requires pretending, and to pretend that the Elf on the Shelf comes to life at night would require knowing that it does not. In the state of Georgia they are said that having an elf on the shelf can ruin the chances of being on the nice list. Parents feel like using the elf on the shelf to create  good behavior is a good choice but to some the elf on the shelf is a burden, having to move it each night and thinking of new things the elf will do is stressful to the parents. Other parents say it’s spying on their kids which they later feel guilty about.  

   It’s not only about the tradition it’s about the memories you and your families create with the traditions. The best way to spend time with your family whether it be year around or once a year is to create memories they won’t forget and want to carry on forever. These are a few reasons why families should be pro elf to help increase memories, enjoyment and traditions for your family that will be passed on to generations and generations. 

  Overall the Elf on the shelf has brought many smiles to children’s faces during the holidays and having an elf on the shelf is not portraying  your children, keeping an elf around increases the mood of your kids  and allows them to create more memories.