Triton Winter Track Preview


Zoe Rivera

Senior captain, Aleyo Amasatitus at practice preparing for the meet against Newburyport next week

Walking into the stadium on a Friday practice before the first meet of the season, and this year’s Triton indoor track team sees Coach Colbert giving his timely motivational speech.  Everyone appears to be  taking in all the advice and working to prepare themselves  

Last winter season the Triton boys team finished with a record of 1-3 and the girls went 0-4.  However,  girls are working hard and are very hopeful they will see their  improvements this season.  The boys are definitely putting in the work and going to come back strong this season.  

The track team did lose a big chunk of seniors and that left it with many empty spots to fill.  There are many new upcomers who the team is hoping will fill the spots.  This is the first in many years that there are more girls than boys.  

On the younger side, the girls might not have the experience yet captains,  Trinity Cole, Aleyo and Janet Amasatitus, Erin Wallwork, and Robin Sanger are  motivated and have many years of experience.  

At the same time, the boys captains Parker Burns, Josh Rodriguez, Sam Mollineax and Colin Webber are very determined and looking ahead.   

“I think our season will start off not as great as we want because we have so many new girls and a few of our top runners injured,”Senior captain Trinity Cole says.” But as the season goes on I know we will be way better because the new girls will get the experience and know what they will excel in.”

Many of the upperclassmen know how much the track team has been waiting for the chance to run at the New Balance Track.  There will no longer be  2 hour bus rides, cold nights and getting home at 11 o’clock on school nights but the team says it is  excited to have new experiences at the new facility. Invitational meets will continue at the Reggie Lewis Center and while CAL meets will be held at New Balance.  

Class of 2012 cross country and track captain , 2012 pole vault d3 state champion 

Coach Tyler Colbert has very high hopes for this season, he says “We should be looking for a CAL title”  Tyler Colbert was class of 2012.  He was a part of the cross country and track team.  He was the pole vault division 3 state champion.    

The New Balance track has many features that the track team is looking forward to and will be experiencing for the first time.  The first major feature is the indoor track is banked.  This helps them to maintain their speed on the turns.  At the Reggie Lewis Center there was really nowhere for any of the team to warm up.  They were in hallways, tight spaces or even had to go outside if it was necessary.  Now, according to the website of the TRACK of New Balance, there is a 24,000sf dedicated area for the athletes to warm up in.  New Balance can fit up to 5,000 people while Reggie could fit 3,500.  Overall the facility will help enhance performances and create a “one-of-a-kind atmosphere.” 

  “I’m mainly excited for the new track surface instead of the carpet flooring at Reggie.”  Says senior captain Parker Burns.  “Then I’m also excited for the new warmup area.  Then of course the overall modernity of the new track.”