Truth Behind Social Media

Why are people different on social media?

Why can people be different on social media than they are in real life? Many can say that they have seen different sides of people on social media than on real life, but why? Why do people show a different face online?

“I think social media negatively affects high schoolers because it can make people self conscious”, said Molly Porter-Crean Junior at Triton High School.

There’s actually some psychological background to why people would say things on social media that they wouldn’t typically say in person. Social media has caused our brains to seek social rewards like attention and approval. When we post things people will respond either positively or negatively. There’s also a sense of confidence that people get when they’re behind a screen and not in front of people because they can’t see people’s genuine reactions.

“People use social media as a mask,” said Ella Cadieux, a junior in Triton high school.

Almost all high schoolers have experienced or heard about social media, whether it’s good or bad. The more popular apps today are Tik Tok, Instagram, and Snapchat which you can probably find in an average high schoolers phone. 

“When you’re a teenager you’re trying on different personalities,” Said Rebecca Bibeau, part of the staff here at Triton High School.

She said that people, especially high schoolers, are constantly attached to social media. Putting a side of you out on social media that you wouldn’t be in real life can be because people feel safer doing so online. Bibeau said that she has seen very quiet people speak up online which they wouldn’t usually do in person. Bibeau also mentioned that high schoolers have to be careful about what they are posting/saying online because if it is inappropriate or gets a bad reaction it could affect your life in the future with school and work.