Eggnog Review



courtesy photo of eggnog, taken from Platter Talk

Christmas season is now here and many families including ours are buying eggnog. Eggnog has been a holiday tradition for many families across the country since the 1700’s. We took a trip to Market Basket and purchased five different kinds of eggnog for our class taste test. We bought Oakhurst, Oakhurst Peppermint Mocha, Hood, Hood Pumpkin and Southern Comfort. 

We gave everyone in our journalism class a small cup to sample the eggnog and a piece of paper to record their opinions of each brand and flavor on.

The reviews from our class had many similarities, it’s as if everyone had the same taste buds. Most people enjoyed the Oakhurst eggnog but noted it was a little “boring” compared to others. Overall everyone liked the Oakhurst Peppermint Mocha the most. It got the highest ratings for smell, sweetness, texture and visual appeal. Hood’s Golden Eggnog also got a pretty high rating. It has a good smell, “like melted vanilla ice cream with hints of cinnamon and nutmeg” said Mr.Allen. Hood’s Pumpkin Eggnog got the worst rating overall. Only one person had a good rating for the pumpkin eggnog. “Bussin’ bussin’,” said Nicholas Doucot in his review. A lot of people did not like the smell and taste of the pumpkin. “Smells sus lowkey,” said Molly Poter-Crean, a junior at Triton High School. The Southern Comfort Eggnog got a very low rating as well with Triton High School student Alanna Sparks calling it “water”, “horrible”, “spicy gross yuck.” 

It seems that many people prefer the thicker consistency of eggnog along with the sweeter options. Brands like Hood and Oakhurst tend to be more popular among the students. More students enjoyed the non-flavored ones more than the ones with added flavor, with the exception of the peppermint mocha.