The Best Donuts in Newburyport

A look at where the best donuts in Newburyport are

Opening the door to be greeted by a warm delicious smell. That is what myself and Anna Webb experienced on our journey to determine where to get the best donuts in Newburyport MA. 


When craving a good quality donut there are so many options in Newburyport that can satisfy your needs. We set out to compare the two most popular donut shops to come to a final conclusion as to which is superior. 


Downtown Newburyport, Massachusetts there are many food places.  This includes two 4.5 star donut shops.  Angry Donut and Changing Tides are two well known cafes in the Newburyport area.  Many people speak highly of these places due to their calm environment and their delicious wide variety of donuts.  The workers in the first store we visited, Changing Tides, were very welcoming and helpful.  The staff was very engaging with customers in the cafe.  


During our visit to Changing Tides, we felt very calm and like we were not in a rush.  We felt that they were helping us with our choices and our total for six donuts was 17 dollars.  The display for the donuts was a little confusing, they did not have a clear list of the flavors. We thought that the store was very out of the way and that not many people knew about it because it was confusing to get to.  The store was very well decorated and the outside was very cute.


While we were in Angry Donut we felt a little more rushed due to the people in it.  They did have a clear display of the donuts they had but, the total was 25 dollars for six donuts.  This was more expensive but, I think part of it was due to some of the flavors we got like maple bacon.  The store was very cut, it was all pink and had inside and outside seating. The location was very convenient if you are just taking a walk downtown as well.  The store is right in the middle of



The first review was the strawberry frosted with sprinkles.  The strawberry frosted from Changing Tides

was given a 9/10, the frosting was the perfect amount of sweet and savory, and the donut was soft and fluffy.  The Angry Donut strawberry frosted we would give a 5.5/10, the donut was not as fresh and the dough was a lot more spongy than the Changing Tides donut.  Both of these donuts had a very good strawberry smell to them.  The appearance was good but the Changing Tides donut definitely looked more like a normal strawberry donut.  The aftertaste of both tasted good but, the Changing Tides donut aftertaste was better.


The next donut reviewed was a normal vanilla glaze.  The Changing Tides donut was very fluffy once again but the glaze was not as thick as the opposing donut, we would rate this a 8/10.  The Angry Donut vanilla glaze had a good amount of glaze topping on it  yet, the donut did not taste fresh and the dough was very spongy, we would rate this a 7/10. 


We also tried the coconut donut from each store, the Changing Tides coconut donut was very good.  They were able to make the blueberry coconut donut fluffy and crunchy, we would give this a 8/10.  The Angry Donut coconut once again was good but the texture was very spongy.  I think this is just how they make their donuts but it was a very weird texture.  


The next donut we tried was the Angry Donut Maple Bacon, we didn’t really like this once hence giving the donut a rating of 5/10.  The smell of donut consisted of smokey bacon, I could not really smell the frosting.  Even though the taste of the donut was not our favorite, the appearance and the creativity of the donut is great.  The first bite of the donut was very good. We could not taste the bacon yet and it tasted like a vanilla glaze, the aftertaste was just bacon.  At this point I did not like the donut. 

The last donut we tried was the blueberry donut form each store.  This donut looked different depending where you got it.  If you chose to get it from Changing Tides the blueberry donut would come with a smooth vanilla glaze, topped with coconut flakes scattered on the top.  If you chose to get it from Angry Donut, you would get a blueberry donut with a soft and generous amount of vanilla glaze.  Overall we would rate the Changing Tides donut a 7.5/10 due to the exciting topping and the softness of the donut.  We would rate the Angry Donut blueberry donut a 7/10, very close yet, they didn’t have the coconut topping and the texture was once again weird.


After tasting both donut shops, they both have pros and cons.  Angry Donut has more interesting and fun flavors but, have a weird texture, they sell out quicker, and they are expensive.  Changing Tides have more universal flavors but, the texture is better and they are cheaper.  


In our opinion, Changing Tides has better donuts than Angry Donut due to many factors.