Triton sports are back, and better than ever

As the 2022 season kicks off two teams rise to the top in the Triton High School sports program, Golf, and Field Hockey

The triton 2022 Golf team after a home game win

The triton 2022 Golf team after a home game win

Starting off their season with back-to-back wins senior captains Ricky Gardella and Braden Mcdonald knew that this season would be one for the books. “ I feel like there’s always room for improvement, but this year we are going to be really good,” says Mcdonald 

Triton golf has been renowned for being one of the most competitive and best-standing records on the Triton sports team. But this year Triton Golf is going off! 

The golf team ended up going 18-0 with the regular season just coming to a close. Unfortunately, Triton was defeated by the Weston Golf team in an out-of-CAL match just outside of Boston. Senior caption Braden Mcdonald said the Triton team would be able to make the match against Weston competitive.  “ I feel like playing the Black Swan, a course they’re not used to, compared to playing their course yesterday we definitely have a chance to pull something out, because we have had a successful year so far” The Vikings were able to get a finish in second place in the North State Tournament, taking home the runner up trophy. The senior-dominated team finished off their season by spending the night at a hotel before playing in the Massachusetts State Championship, placing sixth and earning the honor of being one of the best Division three teams in the state. 

The Triton team finished off with their heads held high. Finishing with a CAL title, the CAL open title, The Massachusetts State Tournament Runner Up, River Rat champions, and sixth place in the Massachusetts State Championship. Finishing off the way they started their freshman year 18-0. 

Field Hockey is in the Fight for a CAL Title 

Coming into their senior year Maya Sullivan and Sammy kelly came in with high hopes for a CAL title 

“ Yea I think it’s going to be a good year, the team gets along really well,” says Sullivan

Field hockey is off to an outstanding start going 9-2-2 with 5 games remaining in the season. A race is starting to kick off, since the late 80s no Triton Girl Lacrosse team has won the CAL title. But this year they could do it.

Led by senior captains, Maya Sullivan, and Sammy Kelly, Tritons girls lacrosse was tearing up the Cal. Their Rival Newburyport was right up there with them. Triton was able to get a clutch win against the arch-rival, and they still held the number one seat in the CAL through last week. Triton had one chance to beat Newburyport and win the Cal, but that game was hosted at Newburyport on their senior night. When I asked how she thought the year was going Sullivan said Sullivan said “Newburyport is definitely a big competition” Our game against Newburyport will definitely be very interesting, it’s their senior night and that will definitely be a really big game, and a big deciding factor in the CAL” Triton the runner-up. But the girls are keeping their heads held high, heading to the state tournament, confident their season isn’t over just yet.