Real Jobs of Triton High

Students Discuss the Ups and Downs of Work


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Market Basket of Rowley is home to many Triton Vikings during their time away from school and work

From retail, to food service, to child care, students at Triton High School work a variety of jobs. If you’re anything like the Triton Voice staff writers, you’re quite fascinated with what’s going amongst the student body at Triton. In an attempt to find out more, the Triton Voice took it upon themselves to interview a handful of students about where they are employed.

In the Booth

I think we all know someone who works at Market Basket. It seems to be quite the popular place to work amongst young people. We’re all aware of your typical cashier and bagger, but what makes Jordan Lavoie’s experience different from other employees of the company? Lavoie works in the customer service booth at Market Basket in Rowley, Massachusetts. Lavoie has worked there for well over two years at this point, with her first year being a cashier until her hard work was recognized and she was promoted to the service booth.

“In the booth, we refer to ourselves as boothies. Officially we are known as part-time customer service workers though.” Said Lavoie. 

Lavoie enjoys her job. Especially the leisure time she has in between helping customers. 

“I get to work on homework, watch Netflix, or play on my phone,” said Lavoie. “We also get to decorate the store when seasons change and decorate the Christmas tree.”

The atmosphere is chill and fun-loving. Lavoie enjoys her manager, which is something not many employees can say. 

“We all consider her (manager) our second mom.” Lavoie said. 

Aside from all the positives to her job, Lavoie, like most service workers, deals with grumpy customers and the occasional “Karen” here and there. Through the good and the bad, Lavoie is happy to show up to work and does so with a smile on her face. 

Fitness Fun

Izzy Oldoni is a senior and student athlete here at Triton. If you know anything about Oldoni, you know her passion for fitness and softball. It’s almost no surprise she works at Lifetime Fitness. Oldoni has been employed there for about five months. Oldoni is a café team member and makes fourteen dollars and twenty-five cents hourly plus tips. 

“I make smoothies and like healthy food,” said Oldoni.

Oldoni definitely enjoys the work she does at Lifetime Fitness. 

“The people that work there – good coworkers,” said Oldoni. 

While she loves the people that she works with, she doesn’t always enjoy the company of the customers that come in and out. Some people can have bad days and aren’t exactly in the best of moods, but Oldoni looks past it and continues to preserve through her job.

Caring for Kids

Working with children is a job that requires patience and dedication. Not many people are cut out for such a task. However Ella Cadieux, a junior here at Triton, spends her days after school working at Majestic Harbor Daycare in Rowley, Massachusetts . There, she is known as a teacher’s assistant who makes fifteen dollars an hour. Although she has only recently started working there a month ago, she really enjoys what she does. 

“I sit and play the entire time.” said Cadieux.

Even as a 16 year-old, Cadieux says that she still loves to color and play with playdough.

On top of the rather fun atmosphere, Cadieux really enjoys her coworkers. 

“All the people I work with are really nice,” said Cadieux. 

The only part of the job that she expresses that she could go without is the temper tantrums and stinky bums.

Like many others, Cadieux faces the challenge of balancing school and work. As a junior in high school, a lot of pressure is put upon students to get good grades and study hard to make sure they have an impressive record for colleges. Cadieux doesn’t let this stress get to her while she is working. Her main goal is for the children to be safe and making sure they are having fun. While Cadieux has a very unique job for her age, her influence on these children will make an impact on their future lives.

Hospital Helper

Being a working sophomore can be tough. Many sophomores are still navigating the highschool environment. Add sports and a part-time job after school, that is one heck of a responsibility for a 15-16 year-old. Ava Mullen, a sophomore here at Triton, doesn’t let this stress get to her. Mullen works at Anna Jaques Hospital in Newburyport, Massachusetts. She has been employed there for roughly a year and a half, and is known as a diet aid. Mullen didn’t shy away from the fact that she doesn’t like her job. 

“My boss isn’t very nice and it’s a really gross job to not get tips for,” Mullen Said. “I don’t like caring for the old people.” 

Maybe the atmosphere isn’t ideal for Mullen, but being able to work with her friends makes the job enjoyable enough to stay. Mullen makes 15 dollars an hour. Maybe a career in the medical field is not something Mullen would enjoy.