“Excited to coach!”

Triton welcomes new business teacher Mr. Michael Trovato

Mr. Trovato teaching a Personal Finance class

Lucas O'Leary

Mr. Trovato teaching a Personal Finance class

Mr. Michael Trovato is one of the new business teacher at Triton, but many may not know that he is also the new basketball coach. Trovato was a teacher and coach at Lawrence High School for 18 years, but after so long at one school, he wanted a change. At the same time, Triton was looking for a business teacher and also a new basketball coach, so Trovato was a great fit.

 “I like coaching and working with kids, so they both work well together,” said Trovato in a recent interview with the Triton Voice.  

Senior Josh Bradley takes personal finance with Trovato and enjoys his class. “He is really nice and I think he does a great job teaching the class,” said Bradley.

Senior Ethan Tate is looking forward to working with Trovato as a coach. “I’m looking for a better season this year.” Tate. 

Trovato has been a teacher in  Lawrence for 18 years. He always worked in a bigger city and wanted to find a smaller school system and better culture to be a part of. Trovato also got the job as the boys varsity basketball coach at Triton. He’s very excited about the opportunity at Triton and the kids seem very coachable and enthusiastic, he said.

Triton’s Summer league basketball team won the local tournament. From left players are Charlie Mollineaux, Simon Bissell, Ethan Tate, Luke O’Leary, Griffin Dupuis, John Prendergast, Jacob Kenney, Max Ciarimataro, and Liam Friis (Courtesy photo)

So far, people have said positive comments about Trovato and is looking like a promising coach for the basketball team this winter as the Triton basketball team were D2 Summer league champions this summer with Trovato watching. The whole team is excited to see what Trovato has to bring for this winter. Trovato has had unlimited support from the Triton Community. He is looking forward to meeting as many people as possible and is excited for his role at Triton.