New Assistant Principals for Triton High School


Next year there will be a mix of familiar as well as a new face here at Triton, specifically two new assistant principals. 

Joseph Celia will be taking a permanent position as assistant principal and we will also have a new assistant principal, Liz Pacheco.

“I’m very excited,” said Pacheco “To get started, and meet the new kids and learn all about Triton.”

As Triton students and staff get ready for the upcoming year, the new assistant principal is a highly anticipated topic. Celia will be keeping his current position and we will be bringing in Pacheco. Both have high hopes and are excited to start the new school year.

Celia will be taking a more permanent position as official assistant principal instead of just being the interim assistant principal. He is excited to have the first full year back without any masks or covid protocols. 

I love working with the young adults in this building,” said Celia when asked why he applied for the official position. “And helping them get closer to their life’s goals.” Which is an amazing reason to want to stay as assistant principal and it’s exactly what the Triton students need.

I think the most important thing is to continue to give our students voice in the day to day happenings of Triton High School,” said Celia when asked about future plans for the high school. “This is your school and you should be the leaders driving the High School agenda.” He is also excited to keep the internship program going.

“I’m excited to have our second cohort of Internship students go out into the workforce and get real-life experience.” exclaimed Celia. 

Pacheco is currently working at Georgetown High School as a tech integration specialist and business teacher and has worked there for 11 years. She is a wife and an amazing mom to four kids. Pacheco hopes to really get a feel for our high school next year and can’t wait to get to know everyone. 

“First I really want to get in to see what Triton has,” said Pacheco “And then I can reflect on my skillset to see what I can bridge and what I can bring to the community.” In Georgetown she even brought in something called a “makerspace” where kids could create and tinker with things like 3D printers, laser cutters, and some different hand tools; even some basic art supplies; where you could go when making a project in a class and you need to “bring something to life.” There would even possibly be an option to create something as opposed to writing a paper.

“I was ready to start a new chapter” Pacheco stated when asked why she applied for the job “And to open my scope as far as my ability of touching the kids in a different way, getting to know a different side of them and really making a difference.” Pacheco also mentioned that she is looking forward to meeting a wide variety of new people while understanding the community in parts and as a whole. 

When asked to describe herself in a few words Pacheco said, “Definitely energetic, happy, fun, and passionate.” Which are all things that students love to see in any staff member. 

The students and staff are excited for new beginnings but sad to see Scott Brennan leave.