Mid-season update for softball and baseball

The latest on Tritons very own varsity sports teams


Pictured, Senior Dylan Watson in the outfield (courtesy Dylan Watson)

Spring sports are hitting the middle of their seasons here at Triton High School. The boys baseball team and the girls softball team both have made progress over the season and have finally hit a point of consistent wins. Hoping to continue the winning streak, a few Triton athletes shared what they have thought of the season so far. 

According to  Triton mascores  stats, the boys baseball team in the cal is 4-1 and overall 5-3. The season is looking up for the baseball team having a majority of wins, and the increasing wins will give them some extra energy to be able to finish out the season. 

Andrew Johnson, a junior at Triton High School, is the starting Catcher for the varsity team. Johnson contributes to the team’s wins and helps protect home plate as well as being able to throw down any base if needed. 

¨We didn’t start off well but we got 4 wins in a row and 4 is a lot so that’s good¨ Mr. Andrew Johnson says the triton boys baseball team is currently 4-3. 

The baseball team in the past has had some pretty outstanding players to help support the team on wins, but with these coming up seasons and losing some star players ( Brady Lindholm, Ryan Lindholm, Kael Cohan, Kyle Odoy, and Andrew Masher) they are trying more than ever to be able to make it to the tournament. 

varsity pitcher, junior Tyler Egan, plays a big role in how the innings go during the games. Throughout the season so far the team can agree that their progress has been great but they are still getting better every game. 

¨The boys were off to a rough start but we got over a huge hump and started getting dubs(wins)¨ Mr. Egan replies.  

The Triton baseball team made so serious progress from the beginning of their season. They have

Louis Takesion, the Jv I coach for the baseball team says that all three levels, including varsity and JV II, of the baseball team are meeting expectations. 

¨There should be even more success in future years.¨ Mr. Takesion says.  The number of kids who signed up this year (around 50) and seeing that no one has quit yet shows tremendous strength in the program to continue to grow and prosper throughout the season and seasons to come.

On Saturday, April 30th, the baseball team played Newburyport. Being that they lost to them last year in the Spofford game the team was eager to beat them this year. The Vikes held a lead through four innings but the Clippers were able to overcome a good day on the mound from captain Dylan Watson and pull away in the fifth inning beating Triton 7-4. Senior Joe Abt hit his first home run of the season in the loss, and Andrew Johnson and Griffin Dupuis each had an RBI single. Tyler Eagan also pitched very well in relief.  For the girls softball team, they already brought home the win against Newburyport 16-8 leaving an 8 run gap in the win. 

Softball on a winning streak

Maddison Jaques, a senior captain of the girls softball team, has seen a lot of action on the field playing 2nd base. She, among others on her team, works hard to push through and win games no matter who the opponent is.

Pictured, Triton varsity softball team (courtesy Madison Jacques).

The team is ¨still working on the bond of the team this year, but the girls have been playing really well.¨ Jaques says. “There are a lot of freshmen who are new to the team and we are working on that friendship connection.”

Jaques shares that one of the freshmen Emma Penniman has been a huge help and is one of the most consistent pitchers on the team ¨she has taken on a big role despite being a freshman¨ Jaques concludes. 

In some games, they may get overconfident against the team they should beat, but the team has been very successful in their big games this season.

Junior Center Fielder Izzy Oldoni says that their success has come from a lot of different players, and they have great team chemistry.

 “The environment has been great, and our team chemistry has helped us win a lot of games” stated Oldoni

Highlighted by a dominant 22-1 win over CAL opponent Georgetown the Vikings have won two games in a row heading into their Wednesday matchup with rival Pentucket. 

Information from  Triton mascores shares that the girl’s varsity team is 6-1 in the cal and 9-3 overall. With very few losses coming towards the middle to end of their season has given them more confidence to proceed to succeed in their season.