Wheels Vs. Doors

An ongoing debate around the world

You open tik tok and see something questionable on your for you page. It’s someone talking about whether there are more doors or wheels in the world. confused, you keep scrolling and suddenly you realize the battle of wheels and doors have taken over every tik tok post you see, you are still left with the question, what’s the real answer? 


Trends come and go through every generation, and always differ from one another, but what makes our generation of trends more interesting? From tik tok, slime, silly bands, and new dance moves, to water bottle flipping that got banned from school, there has been a fair share of crazy trends in the young generation. The most recent trend that has taken the internet by storm has been nothing like we’ve seen before. How many wheels and doors are there in the world? Will there ever truly be an accurate answer?


At Triton High School the second floor has been dissected and reviewed to see if there are more wheels or doors at the school by me (Jared Leonard) and Kyle Bouley. 


The wheels vs doors trend has completely taken the internet by storm the past few weeks. Hundreds of different conspiracies have been brought up to try and finally solve this popular question. Kyle and I decided to do our part and figure out what the answer was on the top floor of our very own school. We clearly discovered the outcome that we suspected before the counting, wheels tripled the amount of doors on the top floor.


Joseph Galante, a math teacher at Triton high school shares his generation of trends that sparked during his High School years.  “The Stanky leg, Soulja boy, Planking- it is where you just start lying down on an object and the bieber bowl.” Mr.Galate lists. 


The biggest debate is how many people side with wheels and how many people side with doors. information from nypost.com  shares that Ryan Nixon, a New Zealand Rugby manager, tweeted a poll stating how many people supported wheels or doors. 223,347 people voted and with that 46.4% of people voted for more doors while 53.6% picked wheels. The tweet went viral with over 12,500 likes and around 4,000 retweets. After this it blew up all over tik tok and other social media platforms, getting an overwhelming amount of people sharing their opinions on what they believe in the battle. 


For context, what was calculated for doors were class room doors and what was calculated as wheels were wheels on chairs inside of the classrooms. 


With further investigation at Triton High School, after going around to almost all the rooms on the second floor square, we calculated 245 wheels to 69 doors. We also walked around the halls and asked students walking by what their thoughts on it were and 12 students were on team wheels leaving zero for team doors.


Natalie Indingaro, a junior here at Triton shares her thoughts on the wheels and doors fanomenon. ¨I think that wheels is the correct answer. Think of a factory, hot wheels, there are so many wheels everywhere.¨ Indingaro shares. ¨In the school (Triton) I also think its wheels, if you think about all the lunch tables and the chairs, as well as the cars in the parking lot.¨ Indingaro says she feels that over all wheels are taken majority over doors. 


The answer to the question is easily determined, the populated vote is sided more towards wheels than doors. and at Triton this is the case too. To conclude this investigation, the answer that has been eagerly awaited for. There are more wheels on the second floor of Triton High School with 176 more wheels than doors.