Kiss 108 Not So Great?

Is the popular radio station over rated, does it repeat songs too often?



Kiss 108 website where I conducted my research.

Picture this; you are driving to your road trip destination and you hear the same song on the radio for the fifth time. It’s very aggravating.

Kiss108 is a popular radio station located in Medford Massachusetts. This station plays many new hits and a few songs ranging from 2000-2010. In personal experiences, I have noticed that it always seems like there are commercials and many repeated songs. So I watched the Kiss108 app for ten hours to keep track of how many songs were repeated and how long the commercials were.

 I kept track of the radio station for ten hours which equals 600 minutes, 457 of those minutes were commercial breaks, which leaves us with 123 minutes for music. Now that means that 2/3s of the radio station Kiss108 is commercials. This shows that there is a lower probability of hearing music each time you turn it on. 

What about the repeated songs? The songs that were repeated more than once were were: “That’s What I Want” Lil Nas X (six times), “Ghost” Justin Bieber (six times), “Heat Waves” Glass Animals (six times), “Woman” Doja Cat (five times), “Boyfriend” Dove Cameron (twice), “Enemy” Imagine Dragons (three times), and “You Right” Doja Cat played twice. That is a total of 78 minutes of the same few songs, if you subtract the 78 from our total music time of 123 minutes you are only left with 45 minutes of original music in a total of 600 minutes, that’s only about 7.8% of the radio. 

It’s important to know what you are wasting your time on and what is a good use of time, if you are looking to listen to a lot of music you should try alternative apps.