Ukrainian Conflict Timeline

February 17th

Russia begins massive cyber attacks towards Ukrainian assets 

February 21th

Russian President Vladimir Putin recognizes Seperatist controlled regions of Ukraine as independent nations. Russia claims Ukrainian shelling killed Russian troops near the border. Europe and NATO continue to give Ukraine weapons.

February 22nd

The Russian parliament grants authority for the Russian armed forces to operate outside the country.

February 23rd

Ukraine declares a state of emergency. 

February 24th

Russian invasion of Ukraine begins, Russians meet more resistance than expected.

February 25th

The first footage of Russian military operations hits the internet. Videos show Russian war crimes and low morale of Russian troops.

February 26th 

Curfew implemented in the capital city of Ukraine, Kyiv, as shelling increased across the country.

February 27th 

The world’s largest plane, the An-255 “Myria” is confirmed to be destroyed. Most Russian international assets are frozen, the EU bans any Russian aircraft from flying over Europe. US led sanctions begin implementation. More reports of unexpected Ukrainian resistance.

February 28th 

Ukraine applies to the EU. Russia and Ukraine begin ceasefire talks, no agreement is reached. The UN holds an emergency meeting for the first time in decades. 

March 1st

A 40 mile Russian convoy heads towards Ukraine. Russia renews offensive in Ukraine. Reports of US F-35’s flying without radar reflectors in Eastern Europe, meaning the US might be closer to open conflict than originally thought. 

March 2nd

The UN votes to condemn the Russian invasion. 

March 3rd  

Russian shelling caused Europe’s largest nuclear power plant to catch fire, plant was captured by the Russians.

March 4th

Fire in nuclear plant reportedly is no longer a threat. NATO denies Ukraines request for more action to be taken against Russia.

March 5th

Cease fire was agreed upon to let out civilians, reportedly failed in less than 3 hours.

March 6th

More Russian anti-war protesters arrested. Talks on banning Russian oil begin.

March 7th

Ukraine and Russia meet for talks, nothing is agreed upon.

March 8th

The US and UK ban Russian oil imports.