Another New Normal


A mix of students wearing, and not wearing masks. (Joyce photo)


Since February 28th things around Triton have been looking a lot different. With no mask mandates students have a lot of differing opinions and preferences.

While some students couldn’t wait to rip off their masks, others had some reservations, and some are still wearing their masks. 

“I’m glad that it’s being lifted,” said Junior Devyn Karpenko, who decided to be maskless “I don’t want to wear a mask anymore.”

Students haven’t seen a maskless school experience since almost two years ago and many are excited, but some have anxiety over it. Some students feel more free without the use of masks. Others feel more protected with their masks on. Either way there have been many good things to come from most students being maskless so far.

With about 75% of the student body not wearing masks, there has been a big difference and people are noticing it. When in class, a lot of teachers have been commenting on how nice it is to finally be able to see some faces and reactions. Students really have the most to say about it though. “Cases have gone down by so much,” said Junior Haleigh Harris, who decided against wearing a mask “It’s a good thing.” On the other hand, “I haven’t gotten covid and nobody in my family has,” said Junior Henry Golbitz, who had decided to stay masked. “Plus the kind of level that I can hide my face a little is kind of nice.“ It’s also been really good to be maskless in some situations. “I’m happy,” said Harris, “because I always get really hot in gym.” When asked if he was going to wear a mask for the rest of the year, Golbitz commented, “Assuming it doesn’t get unbearably hot or anything. In gym I might take it off.”

As you can see it is about 3/4ths of the Triton community is not wearing masks. It’s been good to finally see some normalcy in coming to school.