Lunch Room Drama

Seniors take over where the math teachers usually eat lunch



Seniors enjoying a peaceful lunch in the faculty lunch room that was recently awarded to them

After spending over a year eating lunch in the gymnasium, triton students were allowed back into the main cafeteria for lunch this year. With basketball starting, the bleachers were not available for students to eat lunch, leaving the cafeteria as a home for all four grades during both lunch periods.

After only a few days, it was clear that changes had to be made. There was not enough room for all the students, especially since there are still no tables in the lunchroom, only individual desks, and after many complaints, Assistant principal Scott Brennan had to step in. He awarded the faculty lunchroom to a group of seniors as one of their “senior privileges” and they now spend every lunch in peace.  They also designated the library as a spot for people to eat, but the seniors wanted their own privacy.  

“I think it’s great,” said senior Dylan Wilkinson “it gives us some privacy and is just another senior privilege for us.”

The room at the back of the cafeteria has been a perfect lunch spot for some of the most well-known teachers at Triton, the men of the math department. Headlined by Mr. Galante, Mr. Dube, Mr. Colby, and Mr. Sheehan, these four men were not pleased with the news. They have spent years eating lunch in that room with no issues but were surprised when their spot was taken away from them.

After Mr. Brennan told the teachers he had awarded the room to the seniors, “the math teachers went on strike,” said Mr. Brennan. “They all stood outside their rooms and chanted ”no, no, we won’t go.”  Mr. Brennan then jokingly told them they were all fired.  The teachers then went to get Mr. Brennan back by taking one of the round tables in the teacher room (which they like to call “table 1” according to Sheehan) and plopping it right into Mr. Brennan’s office. However, Brennan did not award them the room back.

The math teachers now choose to eat lunch in Mr. Sheehan’s room which is located outside the main building in the “pizza hut” outbuilding.  They all need to take the long cold walk from the cafeteria to the treacherous Sheehan’s room instead of eating in their faculty lunch room.  “The seniors are crybabies and entitled,” said math teacher Joseph Galante. “They don’t work for anything but are given everything.”

“This whole thing is Preposterous, disrespectful, and an abuse of power,” said math teacher Mr. Sheehan “I didn’t believe it when Mr. Brennan told us.”

After the whole table incident in Brennan’s room, the math department has stayed pretty quiet since then.  Who knows they could have a whole plan ready to take the seniors out when needed!