Best of the Worst

Reviewing the worst rated food item at different fast food restaurants



The Wendy’s Baconador fries before being eaten by the two reviewers

Everybody knows the wonders of the most popular fast-food chains in New England, but what people don’t know are the certain menu items that you should stay away from. The purpose of this review is to go to the nearby fast food places and buy and try the worst-rated food item on the menu. During this experiment, we visited McDonald’s, Wendys, Burger King, and Taco Bell. All of our reviewings went through a three-step grading: the presentation grade, the smell grade, and then ending it off with the tasting grade to then average them out for an overall grade from 1-10. 

The analysis went as follows: 

Toasted Sausage Egg McMuffin from McDonald’s: 

Look: Opening up the Muffin. The egg looked really rubbery like if we picked it up and threw it off the ground it would be bouncy. The sausage also looked extremely greasy which was very unappealing.

Smell:  The smell was overall pretty good. Just smelt like a regular egg sandwich

Taste: Just tasted like a regular old egg sandwich from a fast food place nothing special, the egg really brought the taste down a lot.


Wendy’s chili:

Look: The chili itself looked really appetizing, It was nice and hot which chili should be, it came with crackers to try it with.

Smell: Right when we opened the bag we could smell it and it smelt like chili from a chili contest.

Taste: The taste was great for a fast-food chili plus adding the crackers just made it that much better.


Wendys Baconator Fries:

Look: These fries looked so gross, just regular fries with sheds of bacon, looks like it’s just the scraps of all the bacon, and then they just placed the cheese on it and it was barely even melted and in a huge blob.

Smell: It smelt like regular fries with some old moldy cheese laying right on top of it.

Taste: tasted only the cheese which was disgusting

Burger King Chicken Sandwich:

Look: The look wasn’t that bad, looked like something from the subway with a ton of lettuce and an overload of mayo on the top and bottom of the bread.
Smell: All I could smell on this was the mayo which was also extremely gross.

Taste:  Wasn’t the worst tasted but it was also really bad at the same time, the temperature just wasn’t there which made the whole thing taste bad.  The lettuce to mayo to chicken ratio was not there at all.


Taco Bell Cheesy Gordita Crunch:

Look: Look just like a regular taco just seemed like it was loaded with a lot more “toppings”, it had a hard taco inside of a soft taco with all the taco toppings a

Smell:  also smelt like a regular taco but felt like times 5

Taste: Tasted phenomenal, You got to experience a hard and a soft taco shell at the same time which felt amazing.



Out of the menu items that we tried there were definitely some bright spots. The Chilli from Wendys was surprisingly fantastic unlike its counterpart the baconator fries, which were awful. The fries were cold and the cheese was thrown on top not even warmed up. The bacon was the highlight of this meal, but the lack of effort put in to make these was very evident. The warmness of the chili mixed fantastically with the cold weather and made for a great snack. The meat and vegetables had great seasoning and the broth was warm and it created an all-around great chili. 

The other item that was a pleasant surprise was the cheesy gordita crunch taco from Taco Bell. With a soft taco surrounding the hard taco with all taco essentials, this snack was very tasty, despite the below-average presentation. When we stopped at burger king to ask for the original chicken sandwich, we were expecting a cheap, simple chicken sandwich. What we got was an abomination to chicken sandwiches. A hard bun with overflowing lettuce and warm mayonnaise was slapped on a below-average slab of microwaved chicken wrapped in a soggy paper bag. The taste was about as awful as the presentation, and it only took one bite from each person to throw it back in the bag and never see the sandwich again. 

Some pleasant surprises including Wendy’s Chili and Taco Bell taco highlighted the trip. As for Burger King, it should probably stick with burgers and keep the chicken sandwich off the menu, or at least warn its customers. Wendy’s baconator fries were a big letdown, how can you mess up cheesy bacon fries??