Clothing Clash: One-Size-Fits-All Brands are Outdated, Harmful


A One-size-fits all outfit advertised on shows fashion that does not fit all body types.

Clothing has been around forever, arguably it’s a person’s favorite thing to buy. Everyone has a different body type, but one size fits all has become more of a problematic phenomenon than ever. One size fits all never has fit “all”. Stores like Brandy Mellvile only sell one size fits all and they have been under fire for a long time now because of it. This toxic ideology needs to change and be removed from the clothing industry. 

One size fits all is associated with a number of problems. It promotes eating disorders and unhealthy self image to try and fit what is truly a size small. According to the New York Times,“the trouble is, most women do not have a positive view of their bodys, experts say.” Having a standardized size for clothing is an unreachable thing to attempt, because there is no set size for the world. When there is an item of clothing that your friend is wearing that you would also like to purchase and you can’t because they only sell one size, it really affects the way you view yourself. Having an unhealthy self image ruins confidence, mental health and how you hold others to view you. 

Larger companies like Macys, Walmart, Target and J. Crew have many more size inclusive options that reach a bigger audience. Wharton University says “more than half of women ages 18 to 65 wears a size 14 or higher.” If a store can cater to more than half of women, then that would make sales higher too. These retailers fall in line on reaching all sizes and heights of women and men to create a safe retail environment.  

One size fits all could arguably be the same as a plus size store but for thin people. Some may say that since they have plus size stores that a person under the size 14 couldn’t shop in, and we allow stores just for larger sizes, so why don’t stores have just small sizes? 

However, small sizes in clothing are never hard to find. A size small never has to research online to see what stores will have their size. In any mall, shopping plaza or online they carry multiple stores that cater to sizes under XL. But on the other hand if you’re above a size 14 or XL, then you might have one store that you can shop in which limits your style options. Just because a person is a larger size doesn’t mean they don’t want a cute outfit that makes them feel confident. 

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