Triton Student’s Thoughts on Early Monday Releases

Every other Monday, Triton high school students get out of school 90 minutes early. While there are those who enjoy getting out of school early, there are also those who dislike it. 

These early releases are in place due to the law requiring teachers to undergo professional development. Almost all schools in the state have early releases, or something in a similar vein. 

A good amount of Triton students have the same thoughts on the early releases.

“They allow more free time in the afternoon,” said Sam O’Shea, a student at Triton High School. 

Early releases on Monday can be both a blessing and a curse for the students at Triton. Some yearn for the opportunity to get out of school earlier, as it makes their day more convenient. Of course not everyone loves school, so of course people would be happy to get out early. Some however, dislike them heavily. Many students wish that the early releases were on a different day.

“Yes, they should be on Fridays,” said John Sayles, a senior at Triton, when asked if he dislikes early releases. 

Almost everyone who was against the early releases believed that they should be changed somehow, such as moving the day, or making it a full half day. 

“It just makes the next day feel longer,” said Colin Pearson, another student from Triton. 

Overall students prefer the early releases as they allow people to get out of school earlier, but several students dislike them heavily for a multitude of reasons.