HBO’s Biggest Hit

The popularity of the Game Of Thrones HBO show.

Stark house sigil.

Stark house sigil.

The show Game Of Thrones hit an all time record on their season eight debut, as 17.4 million people viewed the opening episode. The 12-time Primetime Emmy Awards winning show is the second most successful Emmy Tv series of all time, behind only Saturday Night Live.

    Ever since the nostalgia of the final season of Game Of Thrones, there have recently been surges throughout the Triton school with students starting to watch the HBO show. With plenty of new shows coming out on Netflix and cable, some wonder why students are turning to Game Of Thrones. Is it the hype? Or does the show provide an abundance of enjoyment?

    To start, you need to know a little background information about the show. It contains amazing CGI and cinematography, and it takes an average $15 million to create an episode, according to Every year the amount of money spent to create each episode increases little by little. Junior Ryan Latigg is halfway through Game Of Thrones, and has something to add about the spending of money.

    “The money really contributes to the quality of the show,” said Latigg. “It makes you think you’re watching a movie instead of a show because of the way it’s filmed. The big battle scenes and the CGI are a beautiful compliment to the show’s quality”

The nostalgia and community Game Of Thrones created is what made it so popular. To add to that, senior Nicolas Doring and junior Ryan Latigg explained why they got into Game Of Thrones, and why they are still invested.

“I heard all the hype and everyone was talking about it,” said Doring. “A lot of my friends watch it, and they recommended it to me. Since I’ve been watching it I fell in love with the plot and character arcs. The show constantly changes and you have no idea who is going to get killed off or introduced. I intend on watching all of it.”

“My dad is a big fan of the show, so he told me to watch it,” said Latigg. “Since then, I have fell in love with the story and the character arcs. What I like the most, however, would be how you don’t know what’s going to happen. I don’t get invested too much into a character because I don’t know if they’re going to kill them off.”

For those who wonder if the show still has momentum, Senior Benjamin Fougere has watched every single episode and is currently caught up.

“Of course it does, baby,” said Fougere. “We are now on the last season. It’s what we’ve all been waiting for.”

According to jobs&, the show brings in about 9.4 million viewers per episode. Since a subscription to HBO is $10 a month and the show runs for three months, the average amount of money they bring in a year is $282,000,000. With all that achievement, HBO decided to start up a couple new shows for the future, which includes a prequel before the current Game Of Thrones timeline.

“If it’s as good as the original, then I’m definitely going to watch it,” said junior Sophia Dixon.