8 Weeks and Counting

Seniors reflect on their high school experience and share their feelings about having just nine weeks left until finals

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    Imagine this: after four long years, you finally get to sit down and take your last high school final exams- the last pieces of work you will ever do in high school.

The countdown has begun. The senior class officially has just eight school weeks (56 days) until finals start. After four long years of hard work, maybe some stress, and countless exams, everyone has very mixed emotions as their dreams of getting to leave are finally becoming reality.

High school may be a different experience for everyone, but many of the seniors here had a similar experience. Senior Ethan Tougas talked to The Triton Voice about what high school was like for him.

“I made and strengthened a lot of friendships, and I lost a few but I feel like I’ve found my niche. Even though there were days or events or even classes that I dreaded, I wasn’t the only one dreading them so it was a good bonding experience with my peers”, said Tougas.

Emma Leahy had a similar experience to Tougas.

“Overall, it was a great time. I really found my friend group and had many amazing experiences and opportunities”, said Leahy.

While reflecting on the past four years, seniors have something else to keep in mind: there are just eight school weeks until senior exams. To some, that may be scary, but for many others it is just the beginning.

“It’s surreal”, said Leahy.

“This feels like a long time coming… High school seemed to last forever. But, at the same time it’s scary. Once we graduate and take finals, life becomes real”.

Evelyn Densmore feels the same way.

“It’s nerve wracking, but exciting. I think everyone, including myself, is ready to get them over with and start the rest of their lives”, said Densmore.

High school had many ups and downs for every senior, but many of them still wouldn’t change a thing. In many ways, the worst times are some of the most important.

“There were times that were rough, but I think that stuff is important in shaping who you are”, said Tougas.

Though it may have been  a bumpy experience with many ups and downs, these seniors wouldn’t change a single thing. The worst times often led to the best times, and even though some parts were rough, it was all worth it in the end.

“ Life is too short to focus on getting out. Enjoy the time you have here, because you only have it once”, said Tougas.