New Library Rules, Too Harsh?

Restrictions reach an all time high in the Learning Commons

New Library Rules, Too Harsh?

We’ve all noticed the substantial changes made in Tritons library this year, but have the librarians taken it too far with these new rules?

As the librarians have spent time deciding on how to move forward with the library rules, they’ve finally come to a conclusion; one that many of our students may not be too happy about.

If you can believe it, the laws of the library just got stricter. After April vacation, if anyone plans on using the Learning Commons during the week, students must show up first thing each Monday morning to schedule the only 3 study periods during the week that they choose to come down. “There will be a paper with limited spots to fill in hanging on the front doors,” says Ms. Jones, “first come first serve.”

On top of this, to insure that students are spending library time wisely and getting their work done, everyone must leave their backpacks along the front wall before entering. No backpacks at the tables or computers, but you may take your homework to your seat and work diligently.

Lastly, and to some, the most aggravating rule, students will no longer be able to use their cell phones inside the library under any circumstance. If you are caught using your cell phone, it will be taken from you with no exceptions, and students will be able to retrieve it at the end of the school day.

“It’s absolutely ridiculous that they’re adding more rules to this library,” said senior Jeremy Duford, “Pretty soon, it’s going to have more in common with a prison than a school library.”