The School Predicament

No more middle school for Newburyport/Triton students.


Photo by Alyssa Montisanti

As you all know the recent years have been tough with how much debt Triton has fallen into, well there are now going to be some major changes.

As of last year Triton has been more open about not having enough money to support its students. The school is now 7 million dollars in debt and loosing more daily. Triton has been paying Ms.Jones to stay home and not sub, as well as paying to have the heat run when it’s not needed instead of when it is. To try and counteract this predicament that Triton has they have made the decision to cut the middle school completely. Elementary school will be k-6. Everyone will be held back until they are age eligible for Freshman year.

Also on top of not having middle school anymore, high schools are not getting enough funding and are in major debt so, next year, Triton high school will be joining the rivals and combing with Newburyport high school. Due to Newburyport being larger in size it has been decided that all students will now be attending Newburyport high school next year. A name change has been talked about because both schools are reluctant to give up their names, but are unsure this early into the agreement if name changes will be an option. Along with a possible name agreement the now combined schools will decide on new sports uniforms to match whatever name ends up being chosen.

This all may seem sudden but it is what has to be done in order for public schools to still be available to all children.