Triton’s new schedule shocks many

Triton changes the high school schedule for next week

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Triton’s new schedule shocks many

Paige Zukowski and Meri Fullford, Staff Writer

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Junior Onica Mooney is not happy with one of the major changes for next year. The change of the schedule will be a big change for the upcoming school year.

“Of course our Senior year they decide to change our schedule, and make it completely different from what it’s always been,” says Mooney.

Not many students are too happy about the new schedule for next year. After the schedule being the same way for at least the past ten years, Triton staff decided to make a big change to it. They want to be on the same schedule timing as the middle schoolers, so now we will have what is called a waterfall schedule.

A waterfall schedule is basically a fully rotating schedule. For example, if G period is last period on one day, the next day it will be first period, then second period the next day, and so on. Whichever period is last one day will always be first the day after.

“I haven’t thought too much about it yet, but I’m curious to see how the long period in the middle of the day works out.” Says business teacher Mr. Stokes.

We compromised with the middle school in order to be on the same schedule. The middle school took away some of their periods, and we realigned ours.

Due to so many students having different reactions about the new schedule, Triton Voice decided to ask vince principal Ms. Dawe why we decided to go to a rotating schedule.

“Over the years, many teachers and students have requested this so as to allow all classes and all student equity in learning time.  Students are usually more alert and engaged during morning classes – and a rotating schedule gives all classes this advantage.”

Obviously everyone’s going to have a different opinion on this topic, so Dawe explains the teacher and student reactions that she has heard. “Teachers seem pleased – I personally have not heard any complaints.  Some students who may have wanted to attempt a schedule that would allow them to have a shorter day based on graduation requirements are a bit disappointed. However, the number of students who would be allowed that kind of schedule is very minimal.”

Fourth period next year, in the middle of the day will be long. It will now be 72 minutes long instead of the traditional 58. As a result, the lunch period will be shorter: 44 minutes. The lunch period will remain the same: 25 minutes. We still have the same amount of time to eat, but the academic part of the period will only be 44 minutes.

Dawe goes on to give an explanation on why fourth period is going to be so long.

“The middle and high school have been trying to coordinate bell schedules so that we can offer some high school classes to middle school students as well as to share staff if there is a need in either school.  The long block helped us to coordinate schedules to make this happen. A longer block also allows for teaching concepts and material that might require more time and in some cases set-up (i.e. science labs).”

Another thing that will change, is who we will see in our lunches. For the past years we have always had the same people in our lunches, because we either had first or second lunch (or third before the lunch schedule changed), but now due to the rotating periods, the lunch period will change every day, so there will be different people in your lunches.

Having to get used to a new change in the school system your senior year can be annoying, as most juniors say.

“It’s so annoying that they decided to change the whole schedule our last year here. We legit have to re learn it all for only one year, after we’ve had it the same the past three years.” Junior Justina Donoghue explains.

The 72 minute period is also one of the bigger changes of the schedule that students will have to get used to. That’s an extra 14 minutes of class time.

Another junior, Lynn Wideberg, also expressed her concern on the topic.

“I am used to the ways of the old schedule very well. I have almost memorized every day of the schedule, and I know what to expect. Us seniors going into our last year with a new schedule will definitely be a hassle and annoying to many of the class of 2019,” says Wideberg.