The North Korean Summit

Thomas Powis, Staff Writer

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“I think that this is a very difficult situation that has a high chance of failing.  I do believe, however, that if it does manage to become a reality this would be a world changing event that would hopefully increase China, the United States, and North Korea’s public image which would be beneficial for everyone.” stated Triton junior Kyle Brancaleone

Up until a few weeks ago the North Korean conflict seemed extremely tense and shared many similarities of the Cuban Missile Crisis.  However, recently peace talks started and the conflict has improved, but then the waters once again became murky.

In past years, North Korea has made headline news due to their threats towards the U.S and nuclear weapon development.  The situation soon became similar to the Cold War and the Cuban Missile Crisis. However, recently North Korea has decided to sit down with China and the U.S to talk about removing its warheads and opening borders.  But, as soon things started to look better Trump and North Korean president Kim Jong Un traded insults again. Soon after Trump cancelled the Summit and ever since then the summit talks have toggled back and forth between on and off, currently the Summit is scheduled for June 12th.

One of the places that was under the most pressure during the Cold war was schools due to the possibility of the U.S getting nuked.  During that time period emergency drills in case of an attack were performed in schools. This event ever were to get worse this may be a practice we see again, so we interviewed Triton students about their opinion on this rocky matter.

“I think it is good but i think kim Jong Un could be planning something bigger and more sinister than meets the eye.”  Said Triton junior Joshua Quintiliani. He believes that even though at the surface Kim Jong Un looks like he’s trying to improve the surface he is actually planning something with evil intent.

Quintiliani was not the only student that shared this concern that North Korea’s apparent peace talks are not what they seem.

I feel like North Korea and their leader are very indesvice and want to show their power to the entire world like the United States did with Hiroshima and Nagasaki and secure their spot as a force to be reckoned with so the U.S cannot invade them like they have done in the past.”  Said Triton junior Sara Long.

Although some Triton students are skeptical that North Korea’s motives are not what they seem and Kim Jong Un is two faced, others believe that Kim Jong has finally come to his senses and realizes that if he can work a peace accord he can stop a U.S invasion and a long period of time with very high tensions, stemming from the Korean War which dates as far back as 1950, 67 years ago.  

“I think that North Korea is doing this for the better cause and does not have any evil intent behind it.  I think that this could be a really good change for the world if we have one less country aiming nuclear missiles at U.S that would certainly not be a bad thing,.”  said Triton junior Luc-Daniel.

Another student that agreed with Luc-Daniel and believes that North Korea is doing this for good and not for evil is another Triton junior Brancelone.

This entire situation is one that is very dangerous and deadly especially since it revolves around nuclear weapons with the power to wipe out countries in mere seconds.  The only time we have ever seen a nuclear weapon used on other humans was at Hiroshima and Nagasaki and intense damage was caused that hurt the area for decades to come. However, if these peace talks do manage to succeed it would be a monumental step forwards toward world peace.