Gallant Galante

A profile on the oofiest, boofiest, goofiest math teacher

He likes to have a lot of fun with his students and cracks jokes regularly, and if you walk by his classroom, you will most likely hear the class laughing or maybe hear a joke or two. This class belongs to none other than Mr. Joseph Galante, a math teacher at Triton. 

Mr. Galante has been a source of jokes and an approachable nature ever since he started teaching at Triton as a math teacher in 2016. The vibe he gives off is said by many around Triton to be relatable and down-to-earth. He has a knack for statistics, sports, entertainment, engineering, and geography.

       Galante was born in Newburyport, Massachusetts and was raised in the general Bay State-New Hampshire area. As a teenager and earlier years, Galante invested himself in a wide range of athletics and academics. His mind worked well with stats and he could take on the track and a basketball court.

Marissa Galante, his mother and also a math teacher at Triton, can be thanked for her son’s passion and dedication to his teaching career. As a supportive mother, Ms. Galante has supported her son and taught him to be himself.

 “Me and my husband worked together and made a great guy. He was an all-around kid, he set a track record in middle school, was in an improv comedy, played a mascot for the football team, then later joined the team,” says Ms. Galante, with pride in her eyes, proud of her son’s accomplishments.

 “He’s very willing to listen to all sides of a story, and relates to the students really well,” says Ms. Galante.

“He has an understanding of physics as well, and that is very important when you’re a math teacher, to have a breath of math and science because you can expand on your teaching,” says Kathy Norton, the head of the math department at Triton. 

The student’s who know Mr. Galante can only rave about him and his personality. Us at Triton Voice went out and talked to students about any particular things to say about Galante.

“He teaches subjects well but some kids don’t really listen.” said student Ryan Voltero.  “I kind of feel bad about that.”

“In the morning he’ll yell good morning at me like really excited 50 percent of the time,” said senior Haleigh Harris. “The other 50 percent he just straight up ignores you, it’s really up in the air with him.”

School receptionist Theresa Karol had a funny story at a hockey game with Galante. “There was like a play-by-play, I’m on the phone with his co-pilot walking him through how to get through Lowell,” said Karol. “GPS was not his friend. While he might be the smartest guy when it comes to math, I think GPS is his nemesis.”

His drive went from athletics, to engineering, and turned to teaching what he was good at.  This was because he realized how much more desirable being a teacher would be as he gets to interact and be a person that kids can joke around with but still learn from.  As a young whippersnapper, Joseph Galante will be able to be what many would call the “cool” teacher for a long time.