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Anthony Ostrander eating his daily sausage, egg, and cheese sandwich during third period.

Beating the bell for breakfast?

Triton limits the time limit for second chance breakfast.

April 30, 2019

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This year, Triton has begun selling second chance breakfast which appears to be a big hit for the Triton Community; however, administration has put restrictions on the time allotted to sell the product.

Lately there has been a problem with the amount of students in the second chance breakfast lines. School administrators have been speaking to the head of the food service company upon how they must stop selling their products after the second bell has rung. The food service company then relied the concern to Triton’s cafeteria staff.

“Please hurry up and get your food because, you are disturbing classes coming in 5-7 minutes late,” said Vise Principal, Scott Brennan. “Lines would get big even before the bell would ring. The cafeteria staff were very glarious to set up another cart (when they were addressed about the concern).”

Many students have followed the second chance breakfast carts up to the point where the carts run out of sandwiches. With this new popularity, some students tend to believe that this is the best meal Triton has to offer.

Triton students shared their opinions on the situation.

“I mean it sounds fair. You should be back to class before the bell. It’s your education that you come to school for. You are not going to school to eat sandwiches. You’re going to school to learn,” said Triton junior, Anthony Ostrander.

The Triton Voice also got in contact with the staff in the cafeteria to see what their side of the second chance breakfast take was.

“We can’t sell before the bell or after the bell. So, we can only sell for a 4 minute period,” said Stacey Chapman, a cafeteria staff member. “We are working on setting up another cart but we need another computer first,” Chapman added.

When speaking about how the cafeteria staff where informed about the concern from administration, the manager of the cafeteria Sharon Bolduc said, “It was actually through the food service company. Somebody contacted them (the food service company) and then we were told through the company. It followed the chain of command.”

Some students claim that it’s not their fault that they can’t beat the bell, and they are angry that the administration has found this to be a problem.

I think it’s the stupidest thing ever. Like, so many kids want the sandwiches.”

— Bonnie Durante

Triton junior, Bonnie Durante said.“It’s not our fault that we can’t get in front of the line within seconds, and when it’s finally my turn the bell would ring and then I would have to get to class without an sandwich.”

Triton seniors share their thoughts about what a possible solution could be.  

“If they wanted the students to be in class on time then they should reinstate snack period. Make long period back to normal times, and put a snack period in, or just make the bells longer by at least five minutes,” said Derek Maida and Eric Deprez.



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