By Christy M. McCoy,

A soldier searches a set of lockers.

Student Search & Seizure

School Faculty Does Not Need 'Probable Cause' to Search Students, Only a 'Reasonable Suspicion'

Under a ruling by the Supreme Court, teachers need little evidence that a student is doing something wrong in order to search his or her bags. Some say this is a violation of students’ rights. Others say it’s a necessary policy in order to keep schools safe.

Smoke in the Air

Kelly Sharkey, Staff Writer

Having our Fourth Amendment rights violated on school grounds, and having your privacy violated because of suspicion, this takes away kids rights. The Fourth Amendment protects you against “unreasonable searches and seizures.”Students who get caught for doing something, such as smoking, just like a 14 year-old girl from Piscataway High School was caught smoking in the school bathroom and got searched...

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