Maiuri, left, and Ferrick, right, shaking hands and showing off their outfits.

Gracie Burnim

Spotted: Triton’s Fashionistas

November 9, 2018

Whats your winter style?

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Mason Ferrick, Andrew Maiuri, and Mrs. Donna Anderson can be seen around the halls rocking their newest colder weather threads. As the temps are dropping, the styles are getting hotter, and here are the hottest ones from your fashionista’s of the week.

As the weather is becoming colder and the seasons are changing you may come to find the styles in the halls are changing as well. Some people enjoy breaking out the nice sweaters and pants, where some are seen rocking their comfiest clothes to protect themselves from the cold.

Some stand out faces that you may see around the halls are: Andrew Maiuri (Junior), Mason Ferrick (Junior), and Ms. Donna Anderson (coach and Phys Ed teacher). All three of these Triton studs are showing off their own winter styles.

Maiuri can be seen sporting his nice collared shirts and reliable khakis. “I dressed like a bum for the past few days so I had to spice it up.” Maiuri can be seen in the photo to the right.

“When I wake up in the morning I just listen to my thoughts,” Maiuri answered when asked how he decides what to wear. “I really like blue and grey. I like to go light on dark or dark on light. Dark on dark, or light on light, is sketch.” Maiuri can be seen in the halls looking nice in his outfits of the day. He likes to dress it up but there are certainly days that you will see him in a more “chillax” style. His styles can be found at your closest mall or department store. Maiuri is being shown wearing his Sperry boat shoes, Polo collared shirt, and cuffed full length khakis.

Next to Maiuri is another friendly face, Mason Ferrick. Ferrick has a different approach to the impending cold. I asked Ferrick where he gets all of his trendy clothes from. “Goodwill. It’s comfortable and cheap. I like to get inspired by the clothes there and set my own trends.” In response to why he chooses sweatpants and sweatshirts over pants and a Polo, Ferrick said, “It’s comfortable and I look good in it. I always wear my fanny pack, it’s my favorite piece of clothing. As far as thought, thought is nothing. I get up at 7:04 from my alarm and I’m out by 7:11, 7:12.” Mason enjoys being cozy in the winter and I don’t blame him. When he could be wrapped in his discount-day Goodwill clothes and his warm Triton sweatshirts, who wants to get up at 7am and put on jeans to go out in 30 degree weather?

Finally, although we recognize the students’ styles in school, there are a few standout teachers who put their time and effort into their morning routine. Anderson loves wearing her warm fuzzy sweaters. She pulls out her Patagonia’s, North Face, and Canadian Goose for the cold weather. Even Anderson’s shoes (shown in the picture to the left) have a layer of fuzzy liner. “I really love everything I have, I love sweaters… [To keep warm] I rotate out my closet.”

One thing all students can agree on is Anderson’s diverse collection of shoes. When asked how many shoes she had Anderson replied, “Counting sneakers, that makes a lot seem a lot more… counting sneakers…” Anderson asked to keep the number disclosed. Rocking New Balance, Adidas, or Nike sneakers, or Ralph Lauren boots, you can see Ms. A in the halls looking stylish as ever.

Whether we like it or not, winter is coming. We can either pull out the works and dress up for the cold days or let the bitterness get to us and bundle up. Students can find awesome looks anywhere from the high end mall stores or the trusty second-hand stores. Being on a budget this winter splurging all of the summer savings is up to the wearer’s discretion. No matter what we chose to do we all have a style we like to keep to, and in the halls of Triton you can guarantee that your style is not going unnoticed.

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